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GuildGuild related files and screenshots from various in-game guild events.
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Mists of Pandaria (MoP)Mists of Pandaria expansion
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Cataclysm (Cata)Screenshots from Cataclysm expansion
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Burning Crusade (BC)Screenshots from The Burning Crusade expansion pack.
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Original WoWScreenshots from original WoW before expansions.
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Beta GamesBeta Test screenshots
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Dragon Trained into Stormwind61 viewsTeremous the Devourer was trained by several members of NBK into the BG area of Stormwind Keep. After much death and destruction, the beast was killed. (yes, that's Navar face down at the base of the steps)1 commentsKothnok
AQ20 - General Rajaxx First Downing62 viewsTwilight downs General Rajaxx on the first try on 11/13/06. The guy is kinda big so screen shots are hard to get in that small corner.Shadowwolf
The Nexus (5-Man)31 viewsGoing down the hallway past the first room with the dragon, there is a series of platforms with various Dragonkin apparently fighting some arcane anomalies throughout. I couldnt stealth all the way as some anomalies had an AOE when I tried to pass.Shadowwolf
Just Add Maple Syrup24 viewsThrone-age 4 of 4
Even Vrykul like some syrup =P

Last additions
Jin'rokh the Breaker (10) - Guild First Kill109 viewsGuild first kill of Jin'rokh the Breaker on 10 Normal on 5/13/2013.ShadowwolfMay 19, 2013
Sha of Fear (10) - Guild First Kill17 viewsGuild first kill of Sha of Fear on 10 Normal on 5/9/2013.ShadowwolfMay 10, 2013
Lei Shi (10) - Guild First Kill15 viewsGuild first kill of Lei Shi on 10 Normal on 5/1/2013.ShadowwolfMay 04, 2013
Protectors & Tsulong (10) - Guild First Kill15 viewsGuild first kill of Terrace Protectors and Tsulong on 10 Normal on 5/1/2013. We had to consolidate photos because the fighting is done in the same spot for both bosses.ShadowwolfMay 04, 2013
Grand Empress Shek'zeer (10) - Guild First Kill16 viewsGuild first kill of Grand Empress Shek'zeer on 10 Normal on 4/29/2013ShadowwolfMay 01, 2013
Amber-Shaper Un'sok (10) - Guild First Kill14 viewsGuild first kill of Amber-Shaper Un'sok on 10 Normal on 4/29/2013ShadowwolfMay 01, 2013
Wind Lord Mel'jarak (10) - Guild First Kill22 viewsGuild first kill of Wind Lord Mel'jarak on 10 Normal on 3/30/2013ShadowwolfApr 01, 2013
Garalon (10) - Guild First Kill47 viewsGuild first kill of Garalon on 10 Normal on 3/30/2013ShadowwolfApr 01, 2013