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To keep everyone up to date on the different rewards we've earned as a guild, this way everyone doesnt need to keep checking the vendor or look at the achievements daily, you can just keep an eye on this thread which I'll update as we gain different things.

You can purchase these items from the Guild Vendors located in the capital cities. The locations are as follows:

Mirla Silverblaze - Dalaran (Dalaran Visitors Center) [Coords: 53,55]
Nuri - The Exodar (Traders Tier) [Coords: 53,69]
Shay Pressler - Stormwind (Trade District) [Coords: 64,76]
Steeg Haskell - Ironforge (The Commons) [Coords: 37,86]
Velia Moonbow - Darnassus (Craftsmen's Terrace) [Coords: 64,37]

Current Rewards Available:

Friendly Reputation Rewards

* [item]Guild Page[/item]
* [item]Banner of Cooperation[/item]
* [item]64399[/item]
* [item]Standard of Unity[/item]
Honored Reputation Rewards

* [item]Shroud of Cooperation[/item] (Req: Honored Guild Rep)
* [item]63206[/item] (Req: Honored Guild Rep)
* [item]Recipe: Broiled Dragon Feast[/item] (Req: Honored Guild Rep)
* [item]Guild Herald[/item]
* [item]Recipe: Cauldron of Battle[/item]
* [item]Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape[/item]
* [item]Ancient Bloodmoon Cloak[/item]
* [item]Inherited Cape of the Black Baron[/item]
* [item]Mystical Coif of Elements[/item]
* [item]Polished Helm of Valor[/item]
* [item]Preened Tribal War Feathers[/item]
* [item]Stained Shadowcraft Cap[/item]
* [item]Tarnished Raging Berserker's Helm[/item]
* [item]Tattered Dreadmist Mask[/item]
* [item]Recipe: Seafood Magnifique Feast[/item]
Revered Reputation Rewards

* [item]Armadillo Pup[/item]
Exalted Reputation Rewards

* [item]63138[/item]

Updated, congrats guys, got 2 more items

We hit lvl 10 today, Heirloom capes are now avail.

Quote from: Shadowwolf on December 23, 2010, 11:42:25 PM (Source)
[item]Worn Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape[/item]

--- End quote ---

It's white, and gives more bonus experience than your average cloak or cape.  ;)




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