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What will You be wearing in 4.3 ? (Transmogrifying)


So with the new transmogrification feature coming out in 4.3, we will have the chance to finally change the way our gear looks. So if Blizz decides to make our tier set headpiece look like a moon stuck on our head, we can change it to look like the rogue voldemort one instead  8)
Here's the link to the blue posts:

So what is (are) your favorite set(s) and weapon design that you'll be showing off?

I think mine is tier 3, but since it's not possible to get the original colors I may have to be hitting Nax 25 to get the T7 one instead. I may also go with t6 since I already have 2 pieces of it. I may also change my weapon to look like [item]Earthwarden[/item] for a while since I think it was the first epic wep I got and I've kept it forever!   O0

Also here's a great guide regarding transmogrifying and how to obtain the tier sets:


Lord Entropy:
I need to do some research but I think whatever I get will  definitely old school.

Knew there was a reason I got all my Dungeon Set 2 before Cata...  8)



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