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Anyone have a connection for Vial of the Sands?


Does anyone have a connection for a Vial of the Sands?  I have the mats, but I can't find someone to craft it for a reasonable price.

Quote[01:14] [From] [81:Asilos]: Okay, There is 2 Alchemist, Try whispering Nenet or Askana once they are online. One of them have it, Or both :)
[01:14] [From] [81:Asilos]: But neither are online atm.
[01:14] [To] [81:Asilos]: haha, thank you very much
[01:14] [To] [81:Asilos]: no problem, ill let him know
[01:14] [From] [81:Asilos]: No problem.
[01:14] [To] [81:Asilos]: much appreciated, if you ever need anything, just ask
[01:15] [From] [81:Asilos]: Thank you very much, Same goes to you :)
--- End quote ---

Thankfully your GM is friendly with a few guilds on the server =)

I asked Asilos in Idiocracy and he gave me the 2 names I bolded for you. Neither were online at the time for me to ask, so I would check in with them via in-game mail and try and coordinate a time to be online together.


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