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Lord Entropy:
I will be getting a new laptop within the next couple of months - my Dell XPS 16 is three years old now and is showing it's age.  I'm looking for suggestions for gaming laptops below about $1500.

So far I've done some research on the Asus G53 line and the specs look good, but it appears they've had some quality-control issues based on some of the online reviews I've read.  Any other suggestions?

Here are my basic requirements:

* $1500 or less.  Could go a bit higher if there is really compelling reason to do so.
* A 16" 1080p screen - 17" would be a nice bonus.
* At least 8gb of RAM.
* Backlit Keyboard
* HDMI output
* Wireless N
* Blu-ray player nice to have, but not necessary.
* Not concerned about hard drive size; would prefer an SSD if I can get one at my price point (my dell has an SSD, but it's a really slow one).
* The best graphics I can get at my price point.  This is probably a GTX 560M or HD 5870 based on my limited research so far.  I don't have any loyalty or preference to Nvidia vs ATI/AMD (my Dell has ATI).
* Not too concerned about the processor or the number of cores, but I haven't researched mobile processors yet and I don't really understand if more cores is really better.  If anyone has a minimum processor recommendation, I'd love to hear it.
* Good cooling.  An absolute must after the problems I've had with my Dell.
* I don't care about software or the OS.  I have my own copy of Win 7 Ultimate I'll install and I'll probably wipe the machine first to get rid of bloatware.
I would expect this computer to last me about three years.  It will travel rarely, so weight isn't as big an issue as it was with my Dell.

Thanks for any advice!

Lord Entropy:
Just looked at the Alienware laptops.  Holy crap are they expensive compared to Asus.

I have an Asus, I love it. Its actually better than my desktop in some ways sadly =(

No issues with it as of yet but it does get hot tho the case design is pretty good for cooling it.

I have this one: http://usa.asus.com/Notebooks/Gaming_Powerhouse/G74SX/

Paid 1400 for it, and I owned an Alienware a few years ago, which was nice, but it worked for about 8 months then went to crap. I had all sorts of technical issues with it and parts failed like mad, plus tech support for it for replacements made me want to stab myself in the eye.

The ASUS ones are really the only way to go for reasonable laptop gaming:price ratio.  MSI and a few other companies make similar computers but generally for about 200$ more or so per laptop from what I have seen.

If you arent in a massive rush, wait a bit.  Nvidia put out their new GPU and in the next month or so they may have new GPUs for laptops. Something to consider, and on a side note the Asus laptops are so easy to game on couches with.

Have had mine for almost a year and a half, and it can still run wow on high if I want (only at about 45fps but still pretty decent for laptop)

Lord Entropy:
Thanks all!

I might have to pull the trigger on that one shadow - it's on Newegg for $1260 with free shipping and no tax.


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