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BoT - Heroic Valiona and Theralion
« on: April 08, 2012, 10:52:08 PM »
Found a guide that had a tip for this fight that should make a big difference for us.  In the guide, they mention controlling entry to the twilight realm so that it doesn't occur during phase shifts.  This way people in the twilight realm can focus on killing the adds without worrying about having to avoid Dazzling Destruction (swirlies) or Deep Breaths.

The key is to manage the stacks of Twilight Shift on the tanks.  The tanks will need to watch the stacks and switch to keep from getting to 5 when a phase change is close.

Start of fight
Tank 1 starts and gets 2 stacks of Twilight Shift
Tank 2 taunts and gets 5 stacks of Twilight Shift and enters twilight realm with assigned people (phase change should occur around 3 stacks). First entry to twilight realm will happen during Theralion.

From this point the tanks should manage Twilight Shift stacks to avoid entering the twilight realm when Valiona and Theralion switch.

Along with the tank, 2 dps and a healer should go into the twilight realm.  The healer and dps can stay a little longer to cleanup more adds without needing to avoid the swirlies from Dazzling Destruction.  They will however still need to avoid Theralion's Fabulous Flames (void zones) and Valiona's Devouring Flames (breath attack). These abilities seem to affect people inside and outside the twilight realm.

The tank entering the twilight realm should exit quickly to be ready for the next switch. 

Video guide from Vox Immortalis. 
A Guide to Heroic Valiona and Theralion [VOX] (BOT)
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