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Odd and funny/silly to me :P


So I'm farming vashj for a pet. I engage her and push her to p2.  Just after i do this i get disconnected because my game card expired.  I didn't feel like going to the store so i waited about 20 hrs before i got one.   I expected to log into WoW with a death like i always do with dcs during boss fights.

I wasn't dead!.  I was placed at the front of the instance outside with full hp and my armor was 98% still.  Im not sure why this happened but im going with "She couldnt kill me with my hp regen happening so she decided: ##@@, im getting tired of you and teleported me out of the instance :P

Lord Entropy:
Clearly locks need a nerf! ;)

lol!  Maybe you were just channeling the days when you were a tank.  :General Smiley:

I remember "way back when" one of our tanks (Khader?) went LD and still held aggro on the boss while he reconnected, hehe.


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