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Re: Highmaul Raid - Brackenspore (Boss 4)
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2015, 04:09:24 AM »
Ok those were some solid attempts tonight, especially that last time. Looking back we should have been tanking him in the mushrooms but just facing him away from the raid, I was personally afraid of moving him to much and was mistakingly thinking he would heal if he's in the mushrooms (but it's the moss that heals him). 

Reading up on forums it seems that it really doesn't matter which class you assign to moss as long as they are mobile, so even melee could do it. I think it would be best to pick two guildies so that they can learn how to do it and this way we always have someone who knows how to clear it. The two people assigned can burn all of their CDs at start when hero is active and then switch between moss duty and killing the boss/adds. Clearing the moss also gives you a damage boost I believe. 

We did really good last attempt so I'm sure we will down him this week :)

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