Exalted 101 - I want that mount (or some other item)!

Started by Shadowwolf, March 15, 2007, 01:44:09 PM

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Ive been asked now by a lot of people a few things about how to earn faction the easiest way or if there is some sort of "secret" that im using to max out alliance factions. Theres no secret, its relatively simple, but its a time consuming process so you have to ask yourself if that mount for whatever race is worth it or not.

The best way since they fixed faction in 2.0.3 to earn with a city of choice is to do all quests associated with that city. Many quests earn rep upon completion, as per 2.0.3 you now get full rep for doing them vice previously where you only earned a fraction depending on your character's level.

Upon completing all these quests, if you still have not reached Exalted status, then you will need to do the repeatable quests for each faction. The primary repeat quest is the tailor material turn-ins. Yup, the Wool, Silk, Mageweave and finally multiple Runecloth quests. The positive side to the cloth quests is you now get 75 rep for every turnin (83 for humans) where previously it was 50/55.

Below is a listing of quests for each faction that awards rep for completion:

Alliance (These quests award faction to all races in different amounts)

Other Factions (Azeroth):

Other Factions (Outland):
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