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Found this and found it very interesting. My first toon was a resto druid, got to see almost every fight (minus some of the later bosses in Naxx). And this stired up a lot of memories for me. That and it's just a pretty good read on healing for those up and coming and some of the different styles people grade them selves on.
What kind are you?  :leglamp:

fiere redfern:
I loved the bio at the end:

QuoteMarcie Knox has been healing lead for over a year, including old school AQ40/BWL/Naxx. She has suffered through holy priest and now basks in the glory that is healadin. Her pally is currently marveling at the frickin' laser beams attached to Illidan's frickin' eyeballs. Seriously, eye beams better show up again in the Sunwell.
--- End quote ---

Frickin' lay-zers! PEW PEW!  :D


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