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10 man
« on: June 09, 2008, 08:22:42 AM »
Ive been curious as to what specific people i would be in charge of healing in a kara run.Im used to 5-man group (heal all,with mt priority),but in the case of a 10-man and 2 healers,would i be responsible for my specific group, or the main tank, melee ect.. along side other healer working together? In other words,do we split the healing 5/5?Hope this makes sense.Probably a dumb question..:p

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Re: 10 man
« Reply #1 on: June 09, 2008, 08:36:22 AM »
It depends. Most often you are just responsible for keeping everyone topped off and prioritizing the MT above all else but on some fights like Netherspite for instance its more important to heal the blockers of the blue portal and keeping the raid topped since there is AOE damage. Its all mostly situational.
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Re: 10 man
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Is there a guide for healers to read up on as to the prioritys of different bosses?

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Re: 10 man
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the way i do it sweet is watch everyone in my range the MT is always top on my list until we get to netherspite then its the blue beam for me and whoever else happens to be around that range area. i also watch the other healers health and if needed shoot a few heals there way in the way of the dpsers i usually go for the one with the most to gain from a heal.  and as for the bosses i just read everything about the bosses know what they do usually there stuff in there about what the healers need to do if it a diffult fight. only one in kara i had to do something different with ( and this is because im a pally i think) was bless the tank with blessing of sacrifice. alt+ heal ftw on that fight lol.. Best to know what every boss the group is planning to do does it not only makes the run faster but it also makes the Raid Leaders job a little easier ( or so i have been told) and speaking of raid leaders always watch what they say..

I am usually in the group arc leads and got into shadows group maybe 3 times each RL does it different so its always best to listen to what each says and hope you do it right...

Was not intended to sound bossy was just giving my thoughts and things i have learned from my experances

and another thing i have learned from kara is if you are ever unsure about something ask :) and for prince watch the fire totems :)
hope this helps

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Re: 10 man
« Reply #4 on: June 09, 2008, 09:41:25 AM »
Thanks kaj and shadow, ill read up what i can.
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