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Started by Vengeance, June 11, 2008, 07:17:49 PM

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Thought I'd post a few useful WOW sites Ive used often for any purpose...feel free to add to the list
The WOW forums has plenty of information alone, as does our own Twilight site, yet this sites still come in handy when I need something
Data (Quests, Items, ect.) - same as allakhazam, though a bit better imo...Makes rainy days go away. - more or less the same as wowhead, but with an item viewer, and probably other features I cant name - quests, data, items, mostly everything - nearly all the information about WOW you can get, from items to lore, but I would use the above sites for more details on any items and such

Gear/Talent Builders - theory crafting, character building...still a bit buggy since Cap posted it, but serves well in general to find out your stats and ability damage/healing ranges when your looking at certain items or talent builds you might want to use - slightly less useful then warcrafter, but does allow a little more flexibility with items

Class DPS Calculators, Item DPS worth, ect.
All Classes - list of all the class threads on elitistjerks - thorough dps calculator, but does not show all specs of all classes

Rogues - rogue DPS items list

Druids - Feral druid tank/dps items list - Slightly similar to Emmerald-Calculates your dps and brings up item upgrades


Currently unaware of any other lists for other classes

Loot Lists - loot lists for all classes from all instances and raids

News - forums and news reports about the world (of warcraft) - seemingly less thorough reports then WoR

Addons - simply a ton of useful addons - less organized, lots of addons


good synopsis dep!

Its too bad you didnt look up earlier that a tank staff isnt that great for dps...




Quote from: Arcdelad on June 12, 2008, 12:03:03 PM
good synopsis dep!

Its too bad you didnt look up earlier that a tank staff isnt that great for dps...

That was like 5 months ago! Let it go!


I have too much fun messing with dep lol