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Started by fiere redfern, June 22, 2008, 01:08:15 AM

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fiere redfern

After BT tonight I saw someone ask for a post on the forums regarding the BT attunement chain. Since the neck reward at the end of the chain is hella cool and a HUGE benefit to the Mother She-something-lady fight, I figured I'd do the honors. :)

The chain starts you off in SMV (and keeps you there) with [quest=10568]Tablets of Baa'ri[/quest] from your respective faction (Scryer or Aldor), which is a simple and unassuming gathering quest - 12 tablets and you're done.

[quest=10571]Oronu the Elder[/quest]'s next; with this quest you will first learn about the Medallion of Karabor - the very neckpiece you'll end up with at the end of the chain.

The chain continues linearly with various "go here, do this" or "kill these dudes" quests until [quest=10705]Seer Udalo (Dungeon)[/quest]. Once you find him inside the Arcatraz (he's the dead guy in the room before the last boss) and obtain the [item]Heart of Fury[/item] from [quest=10707]The Ata'mal Terrace[/quest] afterward, you'll go talk to A'dal, hand in [quest=10708]Akama's Promise[/quest] and get your choice of a couple pretty blues.

That, as far as you'll be able to tell, is the end of the chain. However, the next time you're in SSC and we knock Fathom-Lord on his ass, you'll be able to talk to Seer Olum (the live version!) - he will give you [quest=10944]The Secret Compromised[/quest], which will take you back to the Warden's Cage. Once you've talked to Akama (and viewed a really nifty dialogue scene between Lord Stuffy-Horns and Akama/Olum), you'll receive the quest that the majoriy of us are on at the time of this writing: [quest=10946]Ruse of the Ashtongue[/quest]. You'll be given a cowl, which you must use during the A'lar fight, so that he thinks it's a bunch of Broken bringing him to the ground and not the rag-tag bunch of humans, dwarves, draenei, elves, and gnomes that we really are ;)

Once that's done, pick up the next part of the line ([quest=10947]An Artifact From the Past[/quest]), go punch Rage Winterchill in the teeth (yawn), and return to Akama again. He'll send you on a messanger-mission to A'dal with [quest=10948]The Hostage Soul[/quest].

Finally, you'll receive [quest=10949]Entry Into The Black Temple[/quest], which has you seek out Xi'ri - he's the Naaru hanging around Black Temple. He will give you [quest=10985]Distraction for Akama[/quest], which apparently is another cut-scene event - just make sure you stick close to Akama or the quest won't complete for you.

After that, you'll be able to pick up a [item]Medallion of Karabor[/item] and enter BT! Easy, right?  :D

The line actually continues from there with a couple quests to talk to Broken inside the Temple and eventually kill Lord Grumpy-Guts himself - it rewards [item]Blessed Medallion of Karabor[/item], which can be used to teleport the party into BT. But that's later on =)

EDIT: Hmm... apparently the medallion item link wants to go to the quest item, not the reward itself. Here's a direct link to the REGULAR Medallion of Karabor.



Everyone please make an attempt at doing this soon. Its a good idea to complete this for many reasons. First, the title, "Hand of A'dal", once the expansion is here this wont be available anymore. Second, this necklace reward is awesome. Its handy for many things in the game, most notably, Illidan himself, Mother Shirhaz and even Hex Lord Malacrass in ZA it becomes a helpful bonus. Please start working on this chain and if you need help ask.
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