So you want a bear mount huh?

Started by Arcdelad, August 15, 2008, 08:25:42 AM

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      Yeah, I will back-up heal during the dragonhawk trash.  In fact if we MC one flame caster, and mark an X on the other flame caster, then I say just not worry about sheep, just burn the flame caster fast.  Since sheeps will kind of slow us down, we will really only sheep once or twice in the whole place, like once during the bear boss trash on that last pull before the boss, and maybe during that last flame caster pull before the dragonhawk boss.  I'd prefer the locks/mages/Apolla AOEing more without having to worry about breaking sheeps.  Of course I say them, but I really mean me, so I can chain lightning the whole place without worrying about breaking CC.  =)

EDIT:   Heroism rotations!
This is how we normally do the heroism rotations on my other timed runs, and they end up being being off cooldown right in the middle of each boss fight:
* during Eagle boss, after the first lightning storm, when everyone spreads out
               -Since we have 3 heroisms, we will use the 3rd after the 2nd lightning storm.
* during the bear boss, after the first bear phase, when he pops back to humanoid form.
* during the dragon hawk boss, I will pop a heroism, since I am in the caster group, right when Kay gets the first set of adds.  That should help the Seeds get out faster.  (Kay, you may want to bubble as soon as you get done with the first set of adds so you can remove all the fire debuffs)
* during the lynx boss, right when he hits 50%.   Since we have 3, I may pop mine at 25%.


Last couple of non-timed runs ive been on we havent had a mage and sheeping wasnt used.   Handling the trash wihtout sheep is very very doable.  I think someone mcd a mob instead of sheep.

How does that Lynx boss work without killing the spirit lynx?  Never heard of that before.   We just flat out dps the boss til its dead while at the same time the spirit form is tanked with totems being summoned?


A note to rogues running ZA:  stuns work on pretty much everything except bosses in here.  I know cheapshot and kidney shot aren't something that we usually employ when raiding, but in this timed ZA run I'm starting to think it can be a huge help to the raid.  Of course you want to make sure that you aren't stunning a mob while the group is moving or when the tank has no rage, but clearing the trash in ZA moves pretty quickly and you can lessen the healing load and maximize healer mana by getting kidney shots off on dangerous targets like casters with aoe fire damage and scouts running for the drums.  Usually everyone is doing so much DPS focused on one target that the mob drops before a kidney shot duration ends so you'll save a lot of unnecessary damage by using stuns in the right situations without losing dps.  

Don't be worried about reducing your DPS by using CP's on stuns either.  Keeping SnD up is pretty much all you need when clearing trash in here since mobs die so fast I sometimes find it difficult to get an envenom / eviscerate off before they die and often see 2-4 wasted CP's while waiting for energy regen.

Just thought I'd bring this up for rogues to think about since it seems every other part of the strategy has been covered and our only real role in here is stay alive and kill kill kill.

QuoteHow does that Lynx boss work without killing the spirit lynx?  Never heard of that before.   We just flat out dps the boss til its dead while at the same time the spirit form is tanked with totems being summoned?

Basically you just stay on the boss and a tank picks up the lynx just to hold it there.  You maintain DPS on the boss until he dies in that form, then he comes back to normal and you continue DPS.  The theory here is that even though the lynx has 10% less health, the tank already has aggro on the boss, all your dots, sunders, poisons etc. remain on the boss, and nobody has to switch targets.  I've done it both ways and it is easier not having to switch over to the lynx.  It's also easier to see the totems drop since the boss' cast bar shows him dropping them (on top of the other myriad warnings you get from bigwigs, boss mods, etc.).  The health difference is insignificant when you factor in all the other advantages to staying on the troll.


Yes, Gren.  
The lynx is OTd while the melee/casters use insta casts to take out the totems.  
OTing the lynx was usually my job as a feral tank. I would just taunt/attack the lynx, then when a totem popped, I would go over and mangle/maul the totems, and the lynx would just stay on me at mostly full health.  Kay will be dispelling, so he doesn't need to worry about the totems.   With all the debuffs up on the boss, you never need to switch targets, you can keep full dots/lacerates on him, then continue to DPS as he splits, and even as he is coming together.  Since there is a slight delay as he is coming back together, you already have tons of dots on him, and my groups would usually drop him about 5% before he even makes his first attack on the tank.


Sounds good to me, Arc.

Air, since you and I will be in the same group, we'll each do every other heroism you listed?


In most cases, when there is only 1 or 2 shaman, then I would follow my little heroism guide.
In our case, since we are in the same group, you can pop yours at the same time Panz does, which should follow the guide, and I will pop mine as soon as yours runs out.
We should be using all 3 heroisms on each boss.


Tonight, ever after a couple of stupid, avoidable wipes, we came 1 minute within getting the bear mount - we had the lynx at 30-35% health when it expired...the same group is going to make the attempt sunday - we have it....with any luck, ill be posting tomorrow about the guild's first bear mount!


SO...last night we are chugging along, our group mows down the 1st gauntlet like pros, destroys the first boss - we are on track with our previous time....we get to the trash before the bear boss....

....and....why the hell is "growl" an instant cast spell, taking 30 seconds to cast?!?

yes...a SERVER WIDE lag wave hit, at THAT EXACT TIME - which DC'ed our tank and some others, caused a wipe, then put the entire group at 3,000-8,000 latency for a good 4-8 mins....

we tried opening a ticket, but non of the GM's were helpful (no shocker there)...

We are running out of time, though, before patch time - I put another run for this wednesday...lets try it again guys!


Sorry, but your server is an Oceanic Realm