Teron Gorefiend

Started by Shadowwolf, August 24, 2008, 11:44:59 AM

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Teron Gorefiend

  • HP - 4.1mil
  • Melee - over 5k on plate, can crush and crit
  • [spell=40188]Summon Doom Blossom[/spell] - Teron summons dark clouds called Doom Blossoms that randomly shoot players with bolts that hit for around 1450 shadow damage.
  • [spell=40243]Crushing Shadows[/spell] - Targets 5 random players and applies a debuff that increases shadow damage taken by 60% for 15 seconds. Can be removed by invulnerability abilities.
  • [spell=40239]Incinerate[/spell] - A debuff ability dealing 2775-3225 fire damage and 8325 damage over 3 seconds. It can and should be dispelled.
  • [spell=40251]Shadow of Death[/spell] - Every 30 seconds Teron applies a debuff to a random player that lasts for 55 seconds. That player die after the debuff is expired and will turn into a ghost for 60 seconds. Cannot be used against the main tank.

Ghosts (Players)

  • [spell=40325]Spirit Strike[/spell] - Deals 638-862 frost damage to the target along with decreasing the damage they do by 10% for 5 seconds. 5 yard range ability.
  • [spell=40157]Spirit Lance[/spell] - Deals 6175-6825 frost damage to the target and decreases movement speed by 30% for 9 seconds. Stackable up to 3 times. 30 yard range ability.
  • [spell=40314]Spirit Volley[/spell] - Deals 9900-12100 frost damage to targets within a 12 yard radius. 15 second cooldown.
  • [spell=40175]Spirit Chains[/spell] - Shackles the target for 5 seconds after doing 1900-2100 frost damage. Damage done after the target is shackled will break the effect. 12 yard range ability.
  • [spell=40322]Spirit Shield[/spell] - Protects a friendly target from 11400-12600 Shadow damage for 30 seconds or until used. 90 second cooldown. 40 yard range ability.

Shadowy Constructs

  • Melee - ~3000 on cloth
  • Shadow Strike - Melee attack doing roughly 2,500 shadow damage. Not resistible.
  • [spell=40327]Atrophy[/spell] - 60 second debuff applied on melee hit which decreases attack speed by 5%, stacks up to 10 times. Not removable.
  • Immune - Immune to all attacks by normal players, can only be harmed by players in the Ghost form
  • Aggro - random aggro on normal raid members, attack Ghosts only after all other players are dead

Suggested Strategy:


Only one single tank is needed, all other tanks should switch to DPS or Healing gear. The Gorefiend tank has to deal with solid melee damage. The usual mix of damage dealers and healers (6-8) is reasonable for this fight.

The whole raid needs the [spell=39374]Shadow Protection[/spell] buff. [item]Cauldron of Major Shadow Protection[/item] is also really useful. It's possible to wear some extra shadow resistance, but not much - it's a DPS race, not a battle for survival. [item]Soulstone[/item] should be created pre-fight, but not pre-cast. They are needed for healers getting [spell=40251]Shadow of Death[/spell].

Teron can be tanked right where he stands, and ranged DPS should group behind the MT opposite to the entrance. This gives the whole length of the room for the Ghost form players to kill the Shadowy Constructs.

Teron himself has a relatively low amount of health and must be killed as quickly as possible. It's fairly standard tank and spank, he's not tauntable, but a good tank can control him rather easily. As usual, melee DPS must stand behind him to avoid increasing his attack speed by parries. 3-4 healers should be able to keep the tank up, the other healers should take care of the massive damage the raid takes (this is another fight where Chain Heal and Circle of Healing are very effective).

As Gorefiend is DPSed down he will mark another player for death every 30 seconds. It is advisable that warlocks place soulstones upon these people so that when they have finished their ghost phase they can rejoin the fight; or druids can be assigned to res them.

Doom Blossoms will form above him and begin to fire shadowbolts into the raid. As the fight progresses more of these will spawn and the raid will require more and more healing to compensate. As an added twist he will randomly debuff raid members with an increased shadow damage buff named [spell=40243]Crushing Shadows[/spell], which lasts 15 seconds. Shadow bolts hitting players with this debuff hit for noticeably more (up to 2500).

Gorefiend will also target random raid members with [spell=40239]Incinerate[/spell] during the fight which deals significant fire damage over time (roughly 3000 damage a second). This must be cleansed by a priest or paladin immediately, as combined with the Shadow Bolts, it can lead to a quick death.

Shadow Of Death and Ghost Abilities

Once you die from the mark of death, you are spawned at the back of the room along with Shadowy Constructs. You have 60 seconds to kill the Constructs as a ghost form using the abilities from your given pet bar. They cannot attack you and you must kill them before they reach the raid group as players that are alive cannot help attack them. It is imperative that people do not die in the raid, as they will spawn Constructs on top of the raid.

As soon as you become a ghost you should use [spell=40175]Spirit Chains[/spell] to shackle the Constructs around you. This will stop them running to the raid and give you time to maneuver around in front of them. Your objective should be to hit each Construct with the [spell=40157]Spirit Lance[/spell] at least once every 5 seconds. This will slow them down, giving you time to kill them.

Players mess up the ghost section most often when they try to use [spell=40314]Spirit Volley[/spell] to damage them. This is completely unnecessary. The Constructs can be killed swiftly and efficiently by rotating only the [spell=40157]Spirit Lance[/spell] among the four constructs. This method also ensures that no mistakes are made when using [spell=40314]Spirit Volley[/spell]. When players get really good at understanding how to control the Constructs, only then should they be concerned with using [spell=40314]Spirit Volley[/spell].

If performed correctly, the Constructs should die within 40 seconds, giving you 20 seconds to perform a few more tasks.

Once your Constructs are dead it is advisable to float to the raid and hit Gorefiend with [spell=40325]Spirit Strike[/spell]. Once this is done, target a healer with [spell=40322]Spirit Shield[/spell] and give them the buff. If you still have time left after this, you can help fellow Ghosts with their Constructs.

You can practice with an online simulator here: http://www.ferox-horde.de/feroxtgs2/
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Teronophobia (n): Fear of screwing up on the first round of Gorefiend constructs and wiping the raid.  :-[


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K, easy made is to make 2 different macros for the 2 main and really only abilities you need to use as a ghost for the constructs.

Macro 1 (Shackles):
/cast Spirit Chains

Macro 2 (Lance):
/cast Spirit Lance

Make these 2 macros then hotkey them somewhere to the side. If you get marked for death now you dont need to fiddle with the pet bar, mouse clicking or the control key at all. You should use shackle as soon as they spawn, move around in front of them, then lance, tab, lance, tab, lance, tab, etc to hit each one and keep doing that, using shackle again once its available. Do that till they all die and its easy.
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EDIT: This macro did not work as intended!
To quote from another macro developer: /castsequence gets "stuck" now and then.  When I tried to use this macro it got "stuck" on the Spirit Chains.  Meaning no matter how often I mashed the button, nothing would cast until Spirit Chains finished it's cooldown and was able to be cast again.  This is NOT supposed to happen.  It is a known Blizzard bug that apparently hasn't been fixed in quite a long time.  Please see later in this thread for something more reliable.

I wrote a macro to help simplify the Gorefiend fight to "just 1 button".  If you are having trouble with tab targetting and remembering to cast the AoE shackle, please try this macro out.

/castsequence reset=15 Spirit Chains, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Lance, Spirit Volley

What this macro does is to first perform a "Tab" so that a close mob is targeted. Then the cast sequence will start by casting Spirit Chains.  The next and subsequent times the button is used, the target will switch again and Spirit Lance will be cast at that target.  After 14 Spirit Lances or 15 seconds (Spirit Chains has a 15 sec cooldown), the cast sequence with start over again with Spirit Chains (all the while switching targets with each button press).  If you manage to cast 14 lances before the CD for Chains is up, you won't be able to cast anything until Chains is successfully cast.  Given the GCD, I think 14 is sufficient for this purpose.

In my testing (using a mage with Frost Nova and Ice Lance instead of the Spirit stuff), I found that mashing it too quickly makes the target cycle quite fast (since the Tab will function even while the Lance is on it's global cooldown).  This means it is possible for people to accidentally skip ghosts if they mash it too fast.  So please, if you use this macro, you still need to make sure you're near the ghosts and do not mash the button as fast as possible but instead press it in time with the global cool down. It will also target the boss if the ghosts get too close, but since it's switching targets all the time, I doubt that will be much of an issue.  Besides, the goal is to help everyone kill these suckers before they get close to the boss/raid. =)

EDIT: I just thought of something...  ]:D  I added an extra kick to it by adding Spirit Volley after the 14th Spirit Lance.  This would safely make sure all 4 ghosts are slowed, do a massive burst of damage to all of them and will occur just before the Spirit Chains gets cast again to stop them all again.  It will also protect you from accidentally casting it at the wrong time and breaking your Chains.

EDIT: dropped the 14th Spirit Lance as adding Spirit Volley would make it more than the 255 char limit, also moved the target switching to after the /cast since most might find it disconcerting to have the target switch immediately before a cast.
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Awesome, Koth.

Can't wait to try this out.


Personally, I stink at the online game simulation for this fight. BUT, I was able to get at least 3 of my constructs down tonite. I was in the middle of the 4th and was getting help from someone else. This is what helped me out a lot:

Force the camera to zoom out more than it normally does. Go the computer icon, click on interface then choose the camera option. Go to the scroll bar on the top right corner and set it to max.

At 20sec, move to the back of the room and wait there to die. As soon as the debuff reaches near 5 secs, find and spam the spirit chains macro (or button). This will usually ensnare the constructs as soon as you turn ( if you're like me and sometimes run into aggro at this point, make it a must to spam the spirit chain button). From this point, I used what I learned while playing DMC 3 (the weapon quick switch feature- can't really understand it till you've played it). What I did was, I rerouted the tab key to the 0 Insert key on my number pad.This enabled me to get a good use out of the D-pad while cycling through the constructs. After I knew the adds were shakked, I proceeded to cast ice lance, 0 Insert, Ice lance, 0 Insert and so on. I did this quickly and in time to catch the adds of someone else moving down. By that time, my S/Chain CD was up and i moved a little to the front then used it to trap my last add and the adds of someone else. Again, forcing the camera to zoom out more than usual gave me good bearings of the situation and let me see all the adds with respect to their position.


On further research, I found that the most reliable method is what Shadow has suggested: 2 macros.  One for Spirit Chains and one for the Lance.

I also found there is a tweak for the Lance macro that may be helpful (won't know until I try it myself):

/cast Spirit Lance;
/cast Spirit Lance;
/cast Spirit Lance;

Apparently, the actual damage only happens once, but the debuff is applied 3 times. So instead of having to click through 3 times to put the full 90% snare on each one, you just have to hit them once with this macro.  Again, putting the /targetenemy at the end there means you won't have to "tab target" to move to the next ghost.
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