Mother Shahraz

Started by Shadowwolf, October 22, 2008, 11:10:24 AM

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  • Melee: ~7k per hit on plate, never crushing, no swing timer reset on parry
  • [spell=40827]Sinful Beam[/spell]: Strikes an enemy with 6938-8062 Shadow damage that arcs to nearby players. The spell affects up to 10 targets.
  • [spell=40859]Sinister Beam[/spell]: Damages a player with 2000 Shadow damage that arcs to nearby players. The spell affects up to 10 targets and has a knock back.
  • [spell=40860]Vile Beam[/spell]: Strikes an enemy with 2500 Shadow damage every 2 seconds for 8 seconds and arcs to nearby players. The spell affects up to 10 targets.
  • [spell=40861]Wicked Beam[/spell]: Strikes an enemy that burns 1000 mana and arcs to nearby players. The spell affects up to 10 targets.
  • [spell=41001]Fatal Attraction[/spell]: Teleports 3 players to same location and debuffs the targets to deal 2775-3225 area of effect Shadow damage to nearby players every 1 second for 30 seconds in a 15 yard radius. The debuff will dissapear once the 3 players are 25 yards away from each other.
  • [spell=40816]Saber Lash[/spell]: Frontal cleave attack for 85% more damage of her normal attack. The damage is divided up evenly among 3 targets (including the main tank) for 76000-84000 Physical damage in a 20 yard range. Immunity from all Beams and Fatal Attraction is granted for 30 seconds.
  • [spell=40879]Prismatic Shield[/spell]: Reduces damage done by a random school of magic by 10% and switches every 15 seconds. Mother Shahraz also puts a shield on every player that ranges from 10%-90% of damage based on the elemental damage she took on previous school.

Prismatic Aura 25% reduced 25% increased
Arcane Arcane Nature
Nature Nature Arcane
Holy   Holy   Shadow
Shadow Shadow Holy
Fire   Fire   Frost
Frost   Frost   Fire



Suggested Strategy:

Before the pull, everyone goes to their pre assigned spots, even the melee DPS. A hunter then Misdirects Mother Shahraz to the main tank, and the fight begins.

Mother Shahraz will start shooting her beams as soon as she gets to the main tank, and her Prismatic Auras will activate soon after.

After the first 3 beams, she's going to pick another type of beam to shoot out. This isn't really much of your concern since all you can do is just take the damage from the beams.

Soon into the fight she'll start doing her Prismatic Aura rotation, switching it with a new one every 15 seconds (you see an indication of the time until the next aura, as the Prismatic Aura takes up one of your debuff slots). Mages, Warlocks and Shadow priests pay special attention to the Prismatic Auras and the different vulnerabilities as they're key to maximizing your DPS.

The Saber Lashes are pretty random and can come at any moment. Each tank will take about a solid 10k damage when hit by a Saber Lash so healers should be ready to heal up the 3 tanks, especially the main tank, pretty quickly.

Another random event is the Fatal Attraction teleport. It comes at a completely random time. The first one can come after 90 seconds, or it can come after 15. The second one can follow also at a random time. Fatal Attraction will often teleport 3 random people, but sometimes it can teleport only 2, or even just 1. Main tanks can never be the target of this ability.

A very tricky moment with Fatal Attraction, is when the 3 affected players are teleported inside a player camp. It's best for everyone in the camp to just stay put as the 3 teleported players get away from each other. Otherwise, you'll just take too much damage in the confusion.

Having the Teleport happen right on top of Mother Shahraz or any of the melee/tank guys can have disastrous consequences. Some players can linger for a few seconds until they choose where to head to, or simply "load" the new location on their computers. Whatever happens, everyone in melee range (especially the main tank who has no shadow resistance gear) are going to take a lot of damage. Main tank healing needs to be strong if you happen to get such a teleport. The most common reason for an unavoidable wipe is a teleport like this and a Saber Lash at the same time, since the damage from the 2 abilities is often too much to handle.

Deciding how to split the Fatal Attraction people from each other depends solely on you. One good strategy if you get 1 Healer and 2 other classes teleported, is to have the healer sit in place and heal himself and them, while the 2 others get away from him. The problem comes when you have 2 or 3 healers teleported. That's when you need to communicate well so you make sure that the 3 of you don't just sit and wait for each other to run.

Thus, in order to avoid such cases, it is often easiest for everyone to run for themselves away from the other 2 players. Making sure all 3 players run in different directions and you don't have 2 people sprint off together, each thinking the other one will break off, is probably the main challenge of this encounter. Also, often 2 people will run in the same direction, and to one guy it will seem that the other one is following him and vice-versa. In reality they're both running on the same spot on the server. This vicious cycle of, "No, you were following me!" can often be the reason why people die from Fatal Attraction.

Again, the key in the encounter is making sure people don't die from the Fatal Attraction damage, by making sure they get away from each other as fast as possible. This will inevitably take some practice.

The fight goes on with it's 15 second switch Prismatic Auras, Beams, random Saber Lashes and Fatal Attractions, until Mother Shahraz dies. There is only 1 Phase to this encounter.

Fatal Attraction:
This ability is the most frequent cause for wipes, one common wipe situation occurs when the FA targets are teleported into the melee group, and a Saber Lash happens at the same time. There is some evidence that the beams and FA not only target players, but also totems. It's therefore a very good idea if all shamans continuously keep up four totems. One healer should be predesignated as FA target healer, and spam heal the affected players. They must move apart very quickly, and try not to hurt too many other raid members. This is easier said than done, because often enough two players run in the same direction, both thinking due to lag that the other guy was "behind" and should break off, while in reality they're just close together, and each see themself as being "first". Good communication between the FA targets is essential.

Class Notes

Tanks - The main tank can use regular tanking gear, while the other 2 tanks should focus on shadow resistance/pure HP gear. Make sure you stand on top of each other 100% of the time or you risk the main tank dying. Whilst the main tank holds aggro as normal, the two off tanks do not need to worry about their position on the threat meter, and can simply DPS the boss.

Melee DPS - Go all out DPS to your heart's desire as long as you don't take aggro. This fight was made for you.

Ranged DPS - Mana users beware. The mana draining beam can become a serious issue if it hits you a few times in a row, as it's going to burn your mana pool (and thus your damage) really fast. Use Mageblood Potions, Mana Oils, Mage Armor, and chain drink Super Mana Potions, all so you don't run out of mana.

Healers - Again, beware. This is a very tough fight for you. The constant mana drains and the massive damage taken by the raid combined with the fact that you have almost 30% less healing and mana regeneration due to the shadow resistance gear makes it even tougher. Conserve mana as much as you can, drink down many potions, and do everything you can so you don't run out of mana too quickly.
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Fatal Attraction is also prone to wipe out relationships and get your family pet rabbit boiled...


QuoteMelee DPS - Go all out DPS to your heart's desire as long as you don't take aggro. This fight was made for you.
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