Kalecgos (Boss 1)

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  • [spell=45018]Arcane Buffet[/spell]: Deals a small amount of arcane damage and leaves a stacking debuff that increases arcane damage taken. The debuff may stack up to 50 times and is undispellable. May however be removed by immunity effects such as Ice Block, and Cloak of Shadows.
  • [spell=44799]Frost Breath[/spell]: Deals damage to players in a cone in front of Kalecgos and reduces their attack speed by 75%. Dispellable.
  • Wild Magic: Randomly buffs / debuffs players with one of the following: [spell=44978]+100% Healing[/spell], [spell=45001]+100% Cast Time[/spell], [spell=45002]-50% Physical Hit[/spell], [spell=45004]+100% Melee / Spell Critical Damage[/spell], [spell=45006]+100% Threat[/spell], or [spell=45010]-50% Mana / Rage / Energy Costs[/spell].
  • [spell=44866]Spectral Blast[/spell]: Randomly targeted spell. Teleports the target to the spectral realm, and deals AoE damage to nearby players. Also creates a spectral rift that may be used by any player to enter the spectral realm. Will never hit the main tank or anyone afflicted with spectral exhaustion.
  • [spell=46021]Spectral Realm[/spell]: Debuff placed on players who enter the spectral realm. Lasts 60 seconds, after which the player will be returned to the normal realm.
  • [spell=44867]Spectral Exhaustion[/spell]: Debuff acquired upon returning to the normal realm; prevents the player from using a rift again for another minute.
Kalecgos is tauntable, thus allowing tanks to switch when one tank has too many debuffs.

Sathrovarr the Corruptor

  • [spell=45032]Curse of Boundless Agony[/spell]: Deals shadow damage over time. Damage dealt with each tick doubles every 5 seconds. When the spell is removed, expires, or kills the target, it jumps to a nearby player. May be dispelled.
  • [spell=45031]Shadow Bolt Volley[/spell]: Fires shadow bolts at nearby players, dealing 4250 to 5750 shadow damage.
  • [spell=45029]Corrupting Strike[/spell]: A powerful strike that deals 9500 to 10500 shadow damage, stuns the target, and leaves a debuff that deals 1000 shadow damage every second. Lasts 3 seconds.
Sathrovarr is tauntable, making tank transitions simple. DPS does not need to worry about pulling aggro.

Suggested Strategy:



The pull and subsequent positioning is one of the most important (and difficult to master) parts of the fight. The third tank in your tank rotation will initiate the pull, with everyone running in immediately on his heels. All of the assigned groups (star, circle, diamond, and triangle) need to get to their assigned quadrants immediately and spread out as best as possible. When positioning yourself, it is very important to take note of both the front and back of the dragon. If you are directly in front of the dragon, you will get hit by Frost Breath. If you are too close to the rear, you will get hit by Tail Lash. If anyone is closer than 8 yards to the person targeted by a portal, they will take 6k arcane damage (or more, depending on the number of stacks of Arcane Buffet they've taken).

Dragon Phase
Between 20 and 30 seconds into the fight, Kalecgos will target a random raid member and teleport them to the demon realm. The player will need to announce that he was teleported, along with his group name (star, circle, diamond, triangle, melee) immediately. As soon as anyone in a group is teleported, the entire group needs to get to the portal and enter the demon realm. This starts what is referred to as the "portal rotation." There is a five portal rotation. Tanks rotate separately and independently from the rest of the raid. Tanks will be the only players to enter the same portal every time; everyone else's rotation is based on the dragon's random targeting. This is a sample portal rotation:

30s - Portal 1, Star Group teleported. Tank 1 enters demon phase.
1m - Portal 2, Circle group teleported.
1m30s - Portal 3, Diamond group teleported. Tank 2 enters demon phase. At this point the people that took portal 1 will start being ported back to dragon phase.
2m - Portal 4, Triangle group teleported. Portal 2 group returns.
2m30s - Portal 5, Melee group teleported, Tank 3 enters demon phase. Portal 3 group returns.
3m - Portal 1, Circle group teleported. Portal 4 group returns.
3m30s - Portal 2, Star group teleported. Tank 1 enters demon phase. Portal 4 group returns.

It is imperative that everyone in the teleported person's group makes it into their appropriate portal. The first five portals of the fight are some of the most hectic, as by the fifth portal there is still a group of people that have been on top the entire time and taking the stacking arcane buffet. If anyone misses a portal, they will be taking a lot of unneeded damage and be off of their rotation for the rest of the fight due to the Spectral Exhaustion debuff.

As soon as the first group is teleported, the positioning in the dragon phase becomes much easier. You can spread out some, but stay around your group. When the portal hits your group, you need to be close enough to get to it and interact with the portal before it disappears.

Tanking In The Dragon Phase
Tank 3 in the rotation will be tanking Kalecgos for the longest period of time and thus should be your best geared tank. A warrior tank really helps for this spot in the order, as he is the last one to go into a portal. Improved Defensive Stance helps in mitigating the massive amounts of arcane damage he will be taking from the Arcane Buffets at that point (it will be stacked very high). As soon as T1 (Tank 1) is ported back out of the demon phase, he needs to run and get into position to tank the dragon. As soon as he is in position, he needs to Taunt the dragon and commence tanking him. It is very important to get the dragon off T3 as soon as possible, as by this point T3 will have the debuff stacked and be taking a large amount of arcane damage in addition to the dragon's melee.

As soon as any tank exits the demon phase, they should immediately position themselves to tank the dragon and Taunt.

The tanking rotation should go as follows:
Portal 1: Tank 1 enters.
Portal 2: Tanking does not change.
Portal 3: Tank 2 enters.
Portal 4: No tanks take portals, but Tank 1 should be back in the dragon realm and Taunt the dragon off Tank 3 (must be Taunted before Portal 5 appears).
Portal 5: Tank 3 enters.

You continue rotating in this fashion the rest of the fight. Tanks should keep track of the portal number, as you want a new tank going in every other portal to ensure a minimal amount of Arcane Buffet debuffs on your tanks.

Note: If the first group teleported is the melee, you will need a healer to jump in with them as they probably will not have one assigned to their group. If this is the case, the tank should wait until an adequate number of healers are in the demon phase to Taunt the demon for the first time. Kalecgos can tank the demon for a good amount of time before dying.

Decursing In The Dragon Phase
Later in the fight, curses will start trickling to the dragon phase as well as the demon phase. Wait to decurse them until it has ticked several times in order to minimize the amount of shadow damage that it is dealing. The time that you let curses tick on people depends on the number of decursers that you have, but generally by about halfway through the fight your decursers should be doing nothing but bouncing curses around. If the tank is cursed it needs to be removed immediately.

Demon Phase
The demon phase is where your raid needs to focus on expending all cooldowns and bringing as much DPS to bear as possible. Threat is not an issue in the demon phase.

Positioning in the demon phase:


The Shadow Bolt Volley makes positioning important in the demon phase. Circle Of Healing and Chain Heal are incredible in dealing with all of the AoE damage being done to the raid and should be utilized to their full ability. The best way to do this is to make a tight circle around the demon. If you are evenly distributed around the demon, you should be able to hit everyone in the raid with Chain Heal and still not cause too many people to take the Shadowbolt. Melee should be directly behind the demon, with healers and ranged DPS on either side. There is no reason for them to not be in melee range of the demon (and it actually helps a good deal if everyone is, as it allows Chain Heal to hit anyone that has taken damage). Melee should never be in front of the demon, as the parry mechanic is in effect and it can get your tank killed quite quickly.

Tanking In The Demon Phase
The tank in the demon phase will take an incredible amount of burst damage and needs to be topped off at all times, especially before a Corrupting Strike (which occurs every 20-30s). When first entering the demon phase, the tank should first run up to the demon and put up any applicable debuffs that they can to reduce damage taken (before Taunting!). After properly debuffing the demon, the tank should stand on top of Kalecgos and watch for the Corrupting Strike. You can tell when the it hits Kalecgos as he will fall to the ground and be stunned for three seconds. As soon as this happens, the tank needs to Taunt Sathrovarr and commence tanking. It takes an incredible amount of threat to hold the demon off Kalecgos, but it is quite possible. Healers need to be aware that 20-30s after Taunting the demon the tank will be hit for 9-10k, followed by 3s with no possible mitigation. It is tantamount that the tank is topped off before a Corrupting Strike.

Decursing In The Demon Phase
Decursing in the demon phase is the exact same as decursing in the dragon phase. Wait to decurse until it starts to tick for a higher amount. Later in the fight, decursers will need to do nothing but bounce the curses around. If a tank is cursed it needs to be removed immediately.

DPSing In The Demon Phase
Threat is not an issue. Full DPS is needed to take the demon down before the dragon (without any extra no-DPS time on the dragon), and it is recommended to burn cooldowns in the demon phase.

The demon must die before the dragon does. If the dragon reaches 1% and the demon is still alive, the dragon will be Banished and stop all actions. While this may sound like a good thing at first because you won't have to deal with the Arcane Buffet anymore, it also means that he will not be spawning new portals. Without new portals, you cannot get any new raid members into the demon realm. After 60 seconds in the demon realm, all players are ported back to the dragon realm. Therefore if the dragon Banishes and you don't have enough people in the demon phase to finish Sathrovarr off in the next 60 seconds, everyone will be ported to the top. At this point you will stare at a Banished dragon for however long it takes the demon to kill the human form of Kalecgos and for the fight to reset.
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Macro for portals:

Quote/ra I just got ported into Demon area.
/p I just got ported into Demon area.
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