Fishing Achievements in Orgrimmar

Started by Nasanna, November 09, 2008, 06:28:50 PM

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How to fish like a pro in Orgrimmar:

There are two achievements for fishing in Orgrimmar:
-The Fishing Diplomat- Fish up a fish in SW and Org.
-Old Crafty- Fish up Old Crafty in Org.

I've attached a map showing where in Org to fish and what your hiding spot will look like.

-Use the back entrance to get into Org. Fly to Ratchet in the Barrens. Follow the river, stay on the Barrens side. Just before you hit Azshara, you will see a bridge that lets you cross into Org. (see attached map). You will come in on the very left entrance shown on the Orgrimmar map.
-Wear your PVP gear.
-Head to the Valley of Spirits. Stay out of the middle of the road so the guards mostly won't aggro on you.
-Turn off your titles so your name isn't as noticeable to the horde.
-You can lie down while fishing, making you even less noticeable.
-You don't need any lures or anything to catch fish in Org. This is a great way to level up your fishing if you plan on catching Old Crafty.
-If horde find you, either wait a few minutes to res, or res and hide somewhere else. There are several rocks and buildings to hide behind in Org.

Keep in mind that Old Crafty is very rare. So far, I've caught over 250 fish and haven't seen him. Be careful not to cast again- he is a BOP item, so you must click "OK" to loot him before you cast again.


Also you can get the Lurker Above acheievement solo.
Bring a few noginfoggers and a water walking pot. Invite someone and make it a raid. Pop the Noginfogers till you get the slow fall and while slowfalling use the water walking pot.
Then just walk over there and fish him up.
Might want to have enough room in your bag to go nekkid too.


I tried the Lurker achievement, with all the required assistance, and sank anyway (and got eaten). What part of it am I missing?


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I used the [item]Skyguard's Drape[/item] for the slow fall effect, and hit water walking as I fell. I did fall into the water, but jumped as soon as I landed and no fish ate me. If anybody needs a shaman to cast water walking on them/res them while they practice, let me know!