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Newb Stories and Newb Levels

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Alright, out with it! Everyone has done or witnessed something newbish at some point and most of us continue to do newbish things to this day. Lord knows I do. Lets hear your stories!  :D

I'll start us off:

The other day I was in AV on my Shammy and made it through to Drek's area. We destroyed the remaining horde there and tagged the RHGY. A warrior that had gotten his face smashed in whispered me asking for a res. Unfortunately I was still being shot by the archers in the East and West towers so I told him sure, just had to wait for combat to drop. So we wait... and wait... and about 2 minutes later my combat finally dropped. I start to res him and see the little green light, and when the spell completes I get a loading screen. WTF!! I'm standing in Aldor Inn with the 15 minute deserter debuff. I used Astral Recall instead of res.  :'(

Yeah, so I have moved my little shammy hearth far FAR away from my res button now. Oh I felt like such a newb. Now that I'm done being embarrassed about it, I think it's funny. Feel free to point and laugh next time you see me!

So I think it would be fun if we started a Newb Level system. Every time someone in the guild gets caught doing something of a newbish nature like that, the rest of the guild congratulates the poor soul with a Newb Level. We'd just need the officers to stick everybodies Newb Levels on their main toons character info in the guild tab.

Grats! Your skill in Newb has increased by 1! Level up!

When you hit level 15 I will buy you some [wowitem]Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream[/wowitem].  :D

But until then, lets hear some of your previous most newbish moments!

newb moment for the day, was in shatt a couple weeks back...and being in northrend i am used to mounting on my ground mount...i mounted up thinking i was on my flyer....and walked strait off the elevator like i was amazing, till i hit the ground!

BoP the tank.... that is all :]

fiere redfern:
Where to begin, where to begin...

I've had Fie for about four years now, so there are -plenty- of noobish things to choose from >.<

My introduction to "Crowd Control" came wayyyy back when I'd played for all of a week, and was running Deadmines with my boyfriend at the time (who had three 60s(!!!!!), something I couldn't get over) and a pug mage. I was "tanking" (ie. running around like an idiot and smacking things with my paws), swipe-spamming and generally making a nuisence of myself. All of a sudden this sheep appears! I pay no attention to it, continue along my merry way, and of course break it. This happens a good half-dozen times before the mage, frustrated with good reason, yells at me: "STOP BREAKING MY SHEEP!!!" I ask my boyfriend what he meant, and received a "You're not supposed to hit those..." in reply. Such was my introduction to CC.

I also never realized what a priest's shackle was (I'd seen one on the same DM run, I was on with my bf) until several years later when I was in kara and shadow said "[name of priest X] please shackle star". Definite "Oooohh, so THAT'S what that is" moment there.

My first character was a mage. When I hit level 10, I saw the tip that I got a talent point and spent it. Fast forward to to level 30 or so. Another mage said "I'm fire, what spec are you?" So I read off each and every talent point I had in the arcane tree, wondering where he got these magical fire talents... all of mine had to do with arcane missiles and stuff...I looked a little more closely at the top of the talent tree and realized that there were 3 tabs to choose from!

So I immediately respecced fire. Doing SM Cath, someone said "mage, you have the longest range and are highest level, pull the mobs inside the cathedral."  Knowing nothing about aggro, I fired up my biggest pyroblast to pull each mob (this was back when it was a 10second cast and had a cooldown). I died every time I pulled. I knew it was the warrior's fault since he was supposed to be tanking  :P

Then Panzer introduced me to duels. He had a warrior of the same level. I used arcane missiles and fireblast because they did the most damage. No frost nova. No sheep. No blink.


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