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Funny and Strange experiences and encounters within WoW

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I got attacked by a Southshore guard on my priest (Level 26 UD spriest at the time, Spirestone server) while in the UC.  This was four years ago, I think.

On my shaman, i was making the old death run through wetlands, and on the boat from Darkshore to MH, I ended up DCing, coming back and being able to see the Maelstrom...weird as hell...kept falling, dying, falling, dying...made me mad when i had all red gear though -.- anyways, thats my weird others, but that is def the weirdest *bug* i have encountered.

fiere redfern:
Found this amusing - last night because of lag silliness, the ghost of Gren said good night after he'd already logged off, heh.

Only in WOW will you find a bear riding a motorcycle...

I've had some fun ones.


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