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Started by Grendeel, May 15, 2013, 10:05:23 PM

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Some info

"Priests can use the tentacle rape to lock down all the adds, every time, giving DBM enough time to mark and DPS enough time to CC the extraneous adds."

Its from a tankspot post.  Im not sure what that means but sound helpful

from a battlenet post

"2) CCing the adds? DBM (usually) marks them, but not quickly. We have two shaman and a lock, so we have plenty of CC. But, it's very confusing during that phase."

We basically do two rounds of CC:

Round 1: This happens THE MOMENT THE ADDS SPAWN. Everybody uses any short term CCs they've got: Psychic Scream, Hand of Justice, Intimidating Shout, Rings of Frost (you drop these a bit before adds spawn, obviously), Psyfiend, etc. This keeps anyone from getting one-shot and there's enough AOE CC, stuns, etc. that basically every single add gets locked down five times over the second it spawns. (Note: this is on 25man, but honestly the amount of CC we use is way, way overkill, and I see no reason it wouldn't work on 10-man too. Even just one priest for Psychic Scream + Psyfiend and one Mage for Ring of Frost would cover every add in most situations.)

Just make sure nobody's using anything that does damage (e.g. snaring adds via Chillblains and kiting them doesn't "count" as CC; neither does stuff like Shockwave/Frost Nova) so you don't interfere with...

Round 2: This happens when DBM successfully marks your target, at which point you cast your assigned Banish or Bind Elements or whatever, the tank picks up the one we're killing, and everybody goes to town. Make sure that people with CC that's got a cooldown (e.g. if you assign a rogue to Blind, or something) don't foolishly spend that on Round 1 CC, when it might not be on the correct target.

"What do you suggest if my co-tank has stacks of Spray already?"

Try to time things so that he doesn't, if you can. If this means you take 3-4 extra stacks of the debuff just before an add spawns, so be it - that shouldn't be fatal. Similarly, if you screw up the timing slightly and he's got a couple extra stacks of Spray, that shouldn't be fatal either.

This sounds like we should be dropping cc before they spawn (i assume like that preist thingie tankspot mentioned), allowing us time to do more lengthy cc.   As well it sounds like tanks need to manage the spray stacks so that they arent getting rocked tanking this add.

Lord Entropy

Priest have void tendrils (which is what I think they must mean by "tentacle rape") which I tried to use, but they didn't seem to work for me last night. I just looked and the log after reading your post though, and they did work, it's just that the animated protectors broke out of them with one hit and kept going, which happened so fast that I didn't think the spell affected them at all.  But maybe that would provide a bit of time to help mark.

I didn't even think to try fear - I just assumed they were immune like very other mob in raids.


Would seem with most cc it requires dps to hold off for those first few moments until the one mob is marked to kill.  Probably why anti's void tendrils broke quickly.

When tanking its vitally important to avoid tunnel vision - focusing on adds or boss durning the phase.  Really easy todo but likely causes a wipe later in the fight.  Tank swaps may need to happen to avoid  crazy high stacks of the spray debuff.  Tanks should save defensive cd's for the when the add spawns.  Using them at other times should not be necessary.  In addition warrior tanks should use Demoralizing banner to reduce all damage by 10% from all enemies when available on the add phase.