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Portal 2 inspired crafts
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1. Talking Turret Plushie

This adorable killing machine might be soft and cuddly, but it's actually an extremely high-tech plushie. The glowing eye on the front of the turret sports a motion sensor, complete with the entire gamut of vocabulary options that the "real" turrets use in the game. "I see you..."

Interactive Talking Plush Portal Turret

2. GLaDOS papercraft

If you have a ton of time and patience, you can make your very own papercraft model of the Portal series' lovable, yet extremely evil, GLaDOS supercomputer. A friendly DeviantArt user is responsible for the masterpiece and has posted the entire template online for everyone to use.

3. Crocheted companion cube

Portal's Companion Cube is one of the most loved "characters" in the game despite being a completely inanimate object. Still, gamers' love for the cuddly cube has extended into the craft world, spawning a multitude of models. This massive, crocheted version just might be our favorite. Measuring over a foot and a half in width, the project undoubtedly took many hours to complete, but looks like it was worth it.

4. Not-so-deadly papercraft turret

From the same bright mind that crafted the GLaDOS papercraft comes a super-detailed paper turret ready to blow you away. The end result might look a few degrees simpler than the more complicated GLaDOS model, but the template reveals how much work really goes into it. Hint: a lot.

5. Life-sized portal gun

The star of both Portal 1 and 2 is undoubtedly the portal gun itself. The magical gadget which can tear the universe asunder has a unique style that would take a master craftsman to duplicate. Lucky for us, prop maker Harrison Krix was up to the task, creating an absolutely perfect replica of the devious device. The final product was put up for auction with proceeds going to the Child's Play charity, and fetched over $14,000.

Portal Gun for Child's Play
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