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 [ Invalid Attachment ]  [ Invalid Attachment ] Diablo III with an X-Box Controller Revisit Using XPadder

My mapping is attached.
Black Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows).xpaddercontroller (674.4 kB - downloaded 174 times)

My controller (yours might vary)
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Lord Entropy:
Cool idea!

Diablo 3 is killing my mouse hand.  I don't have an xbox, but I'm thinking of doing some serious remapping so I'm not clicking a thousand times a second....

I used to have a PS2 controller that would work with the PC, like  a joystick/mouse. I didnt like it much, but it allowed me and my friends to play on the PC like a console, kinda fun.

I found my old Usb gamepad, got me now thinkink about doing that.

Cant yet get that one to work, its an OLD controller from madcatz, cant figure out bindings...but

Motion joy is free and has support for ps3 controllers too.

Just not sure yet if i like the gamepad with diablo

Left trigger is "stand and attack" for as long as I hold it, facing the cursor.
Right trigger is "move and attack and use and talk" (standard left mouse click). Hold to move towards cursor.

left bumper is same as right trigger, meant for single clicking things rather than holding it.
right bumper is right mouse click.

left stick is move cursor around, pressing it down like a button is Space bar (close all windows).
right stick click = use health potion ( I should really move this to the D-pad so it's easier to use)

A, B, X, Y are the 1,2,3,4 abilities.

D-pad is for opening things like Inventory (up) and others (don't recall them because I don't use them).

I really like this setup and it relieves the stress on my hands... and so does not playing, which I do a fair amount of as well.


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