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Patch 5.0.4 Addon Updates

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Im going to do things a bit differently this time around. Since I discontinued the download area of the site due to unforgiving upkeep effort on my part, its not as easy to keep you guys updated on new addon updates till the new site design is finalized.

In the interim, I thought, why not just zip my updated addons folder for all the addons I use and offer that as a download for you guys. I use a ridiculous amount of addons for WoW and more than likely use what most of you do, plus some you dont. This way, you can pick and choose out of the ones avail for the ones you use and discard the rest making it a simple 1-click download for all of them.


Avail now on my Google Drive is my latest revision of my updated addons for 5.0.4. As I download new ones I will post links to those updated zip's.

Note: The way I work this is that I make a new folder throughout the night as addons get updated and thus will make separate zip files rather than uploading the same one over and over.

You can download the whole file or individually pick and choose which ones to download.

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