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WoD Proposed Healing Changes


So... I came across a tweet today sending me to this announcement:

Basically the gist of it is they are going back to the healing model of early Cata. Because that worked OH SO WELL back then and resulted in so many people opting to play healers. Oh wait, no it didnt. It actually caused a healer shortage because the level of frustration for healers was astronomical and nothing we did worked to curb it till we got pristine gear and they reverted some of the changes.

Seriously sick and tired of these complete "revamps" of game mechanics with each expansion, especially when they arent really "revamps" but reversions to models of gameplay that didnt work and ended with people disliking the game.

Long story short these changes are being inspired due to PvP complaints of balancing and "impossible to kill", "OP" comments from hardcore pvp'ers. So essentially they are fucking up PvE gameplay to try and sate PvP gameplay. That has "never" ended badly in the years Ive played WoW...

I wish they would just stop and accept that PvP and PvE are 2 different games and that they can never harmoniously "balance" both with miracle changes.


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