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Hey so, not sure when it started but...

I have dual-monitors setup. Now when I click over to wowhead on my other monitor, wow will freeze if it's not the active window for more than a small amount of time.

I thought it might have been a wow issue, but it also happens with minecraft.

Im 99.9% sure most if not all of my stuff is up to date...

Halp meh!

does it happen with sites other than wowhead?  i've had lots of problems with wowhead and firefox due to malware ads usually in flash and javascript.  wowhead forums are full of people reporting malicious ads all over wowhead.   I use chrome for wowhead and have had less issues - not zero but less than I had with firefox.

No, it seems like the game is a jealous app. Its if its not the active window, no matter what else Im looking at, be it a media player or chrome

Is it Windows 8?

Check these settings in WoW also, it was added a few patches ago and its kind of a dumb setting.

 [ Invalid Attachment ]

Outside of that, update the drivers for the card, if youre running one card to power 2 monitors, the more you do with it the worse the performance is going to be unfortunately. If the drivers are up to date, I would suggest a clean install of them again. NVidia has the option of doing "Clean Install" when you select custom, sometimes if you have a machine running a long time with NVidia drivers, updates get fudged and the clean install will flush and reset everything to defaults.

If youre using WMP I would suggest finding a new player like VLC or Musicbee or even Winamp. WMP is HUGELY resource intensive and has a lot of visual crap that gets loaded even when its not being used which could be sapping card power.

No not windows 8

i just unchecked those 2 settings you suggested, it seems to be jumping back from the freeze a little quicker.

I'm running what I thought to be a decent card(AMD radeon HD6900) I was hoping it would proform well.

Ill try the clean install though, that seems like a good idea.

And for the media player, i dont use WMP. IM currently using mediamonkey

Thanks a bunch


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