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Raiding Difficulty Changes in WoD


To better explain the difference with Heroic, Mythic, etc as it is a little confusing if you didnt read up on the changes prior to WoD dropping here is a quick explanation.


Raid Finder is still the same, however it can now scale from as little as 10 people to a max of 25 whereas before it was always a 25 raid.

Flexible no longer exists as a separate setting. All raids will automatically scale to difficulty based on the amount of people in the raid from 10 to 25 and this is now considered "Normal" mode.

The Normal setting from the past is now replaced by "Heroic". Heroic is also a flexible setting meaning the HP pool of bosses and damage output scales based on the amount of people in the raid from 10 to 25.

The old Heroic settings is now replaced by "Mythic". Mythic is not a scaled raid and is set at a rigid 20 person raid and the difficulty is harder than Heroic.


Item Level drops in raids are set as follows for the start of WoD. I would imagine this will change as raids scale through the expansion.

* LFR: 640
* Normal: 655
* Heroic: 670
* Mythic: 685


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