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Socketed Gems - A Newbies Guide


So ive gotten a lot of questions and requests lately for having gems cut, and the biggest and most common question is, "What are the mats?".

To try and simplify it as much as possible, the mats involved when you browse and find a gem you want off my list is simple to figure out.

The last part of the gem name will tell you the raw gem you need. For example:

[wowitem]23098[/wowitem] takes a [wowitem]21929[/wowitem] to make. Easy enough.

Now, for socketing and what types of gems you should have made, Ill highly recommend you save the rare quality (Blue) gems for Dungeon 3 or some Blue / Epic item you will keep a while. The reason for this is the raw gem required to make them is still a tad pricey and hard to come buy, hence the reason they are considered Rare Quality. For the Uncommon or Green quality gems, youre looking at about 2-3g in cost for the raw gem if you buy it on the AH, on the Rares, its about +40g on average, depending on the gem. Unless youre wealthy beyond imagination, its a good idea to save the Rare cuts for the good stuff you intend to keep a while.

Hope this clears up any questions or confusion for folks, and if you arent in game and cant check my gem list with the !gem command, keep taking a peek at the following forum post:

I keep it up to date, so as soon as I get a new pattern I throw it up on the list. On average im getting a new pattern about 1 or 2 times a week which I anticipate will slow down some soon but thats how often ive been updating.

Im going to keep adding to this thread as I see questions arise to help everyone better understand this whole socketing gem thing.

Next up: Meta Gems

A Meta Gem is a gem that fits in a Meta slot (so far only on helms) and requires a specific number of other color gems to be socketed on your person for the bonus to become active.

What this means is lets take a helmet that has a Meta socket on it:

[wowitem]Warhelm of the Bold[/wowitem]

Now we need an appropriate Meta Gem:

[wowitem]Powerful Earthstorm Diamond[/wowitem]

The tooltip in game on this gem says "Requires at least 3 Blue Gems". Now what this means is you need at least 3 gems that can fit into a blue socket equipped on your person. Theres a bit of a loophole on this though. Gems that can fit in either or slots such as [wowitem]Enduring Deep Peridot[/wowitem] which can be either Blue or Yellow will count as 1 Blue or 1 Yellow regardless of the socket it is equipped in.

For example, if you have the following gems equipped anywhere on your person:

[wowitem]Enduring Deep Peridot[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Jagged Deep Peridot[/wowitem]
[wowitem]Sovereign Shadow Draenite[/wowitem]

You already have a total number of the following gems with just those 3:

* 2 Yellow
* 3 Blue
* 1 Red
This comes in handy when you come across Meta Gems that require multiple colors such as [wowitem]Insightful Earthstorm Diamond[/wowitem] which requires:

* 2 Red
* 2 Blue
* 2 Yellow
The better gear you attain, the more likely it will contain sockets and more of them to allow you to meet the requirements of a Meta slot.

I have updated my gem listing and broken them into groups by color for easier viewing.

Have a look here online or you can always whisper me with the !gem command in game to browse the list as well.


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