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Show us your UI and the mods you use. I always find it interesting to see how other people lay out their interface for WoW.

Here's mine... not nearly as modified as others, and optimized for as little mouse interaction as possible (since I can't use one yet due to my shoulder and the laptop's touchpad isn't as easy to use).

Titan Panel
    * Standard Distributed Plugins

Standalone Mods
    * Benecast - Cast icons next to party members to eliminate the need to target seperate people
    * BestBuff- Casts the highest rank spell mapped to one icon for persons level (seems to only work in conjunction with Benecast for me)
    * AdSpace - Tooltip display of recipies and where they can be vendor purchased and for how much
    * CallToArms - worldwide LFG program to easily find PUGs
    * Sanity - Multi-character inventory tracker
    * Decursive - very very very handy for anyone with Cure Poison/Disease/Curse/etc.
    * MetaMap - like Atlas, but I had this one first and it let me put notes on any map =)
    * FlightMap - Adds a tooltip to the world map showing flightpaths into and out of regions, and region level ranges.
    * HealPoints - calculates how many hit points you can heal before going oom
    * GuildRoster - my tweaked guild roster export util
    * QuestLevel - displays the quests highest level opponent in [x] before the quest name
Also, I am so used to my widescreened laptop, I'm not sure I can go back to my desktop without getting a new monitor.  A mere 17" seems so cramped now, lol.

BarMod - action bars (movable)
MasterMod - core system of CT (a basic UI panel for all CT mods as well as some smaller mods like chat timestamp, cast timer display, etc)
PartyBuffs - shows all buffs and debuffs on party members, not just the first 5
TimerMod - Just that, a timer.

Screenie to be edited on later.

I need to find a way to convert the file type of my screenies.  They automatically save as Paint Shop Pro 7 images, even though my trial period of PSP7 has elapsed.  The only program I have that can open them is Quicktime Player, and since I don't have the pro version, I can't even save them as a different file type  ::)

Here's a link to a simple TGA -> JPG converter.

hrm, I should re-post my UI, it's change quite a bit since I did that last.  later tho, now it's WoW time :)


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