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Feb 11th and the Banner at the bottom
« on: February 12, 2014, 01:08:27 AM »
First, my apologies if it annoyed you. I know it was probably unexpected but it is also easily placed out of the way.

Second, as some know, privacy and security are a very personal thing to me and always have been. The mass collection being done by the NSA in secret (well not so secret anymore) just isnt right for US citizens as well as our Canadian neighbors and everyone else around the globe. No one has a right to know every little detail about your private life, who you call and when, who you email and when, where you visit, the games you play or anything unless you CHOOSE to share that with them. This recently adopted concept of monitoring everyone so they can catch people who might *think* about perpetrating a crime before they do is misplaced and something out of Minority Report.

Fighting against an established entity like the NSA and since these egregious privacy invasions have been ongoing for so long takes time and effort and only many voices united together have a chance to make the changes needed. Political leaders need your votes, unless you happen to live in N. Korea or similar, in that case you probably aren't reading this or playing WoW and have your own oppressive entities to deal with. At any rate votes come from the people and nothing scares a career politician more than losing votes because it makes them vulnerable. When they see large numbers suddenly demand change, they tend to act to appease those numbers to hold on to their jobs.

Thats what the Today We Fight Back movement is all about. Giving everyone a voice directly to the influences that have the power to curtail this privacy overreach.

We should be free to live our private lives as we see fit so long as it doesnt put others in harms way or oppress the innate rights of others. When a government watches your every move, is not held accountable and conducts rulings and decides what to do with information on you in secret, that right to live freely ceases to exist.

So, if you participated today, I thank you. If you have not, I urge you to do so. The greater the numbers, the more likely change will come.

Thank you.
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