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Started by Kothnok, February 10, 2010, 07:04:33 AM

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Since updating Twilight's Wiki pages by itself does not let everyone know about the work you have done, this thread is a way to let everyone know about updates/changes to information, especially in regards to strategies and advice for particular encounters.

I would like to encourage everyone to not only read it, but put in any tips and advice you would like to personally share about the place.  Getting to know an encounter as ranged dps is far different from that of a tank, healer, or melee dps.  If everyone shared their perspective on the encounters, we can better prepare for the different roles we might end up having to play.  When I write up strategies, I only have a vague notion of what is going on with other roles during the fight.  The place seems designed to take into account the ability to swap talent specs on the fly and some fights might require someone to respec healing/tanking/dps in order to have a better chance of success. So the more perspectives we have available, the better prepared everyone will be. =)

"But I've never edited a wiki page before, what do I do and how do I do it?"
Good question!

Fleecy has done a lot of work recently to update the Icecrown Citadel pages with all of the standard information, along with a couple of videos on the encounters.

I wrote down everything I learned during our recent IC10 run in downing Festergut and updated the strategy for Festergut (10man).  I also updated a bit of info regarding Lady Deathwhisper regarding the immunity mobs and the weekly quest involving her fight.

The more we get involved to share our experiences, the faster we will be able to progress through it.  We all can learn from mistakes, but it takes us sharing what we've learned, and sometimes the mistakes we've made, in order to help prevent others from making the same mistake. In the end, we all improve and have more fun!  :Fosters_Pack:
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