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Started by Oilslick, April 05, 2011, 05:46:33 AM

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It's not aliena narrating, so very easy to understand.  It's also a very short vid compared to most tankspot vids.

A couple of things to note that differed from our strat:

Tanks are taunting after three stacks of the debuff as opposed to taunting specifically to eat the double strike.

They've built up a familiarity with his"there's no point in healing here at all, just wait for it then heal".  That knowledge seemed to ease the stress of healing slightly given the length of the massacre cast.
(He'll do two decimates when everyone stacks up, heal after the first one to above ten k hit points, then ignore healing until after the second one.)

Watch omen on phase three, second on threat moves as far away as possible so he gets kited slightly while waiting to go splat.

Save the big healing cd's on the tanks, like a pally lay on hands, for right around 21% - immediately before phase three starts.

Be sure to continue watching the kill after the strat is explained.  It's pretty informative.