If you woke up tomorrow on Azeroth as your Character, what would you do?

Started by Shadowwolf, March 14, 2011, 09:09:27 PM

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I saw this on the public boards and thought it was cute. Inspired some creative responses, so I thought I would carry it here.

Here is the question:

If you woke up tomorrow on Azeroth as your character, what would you do?

Im not going to censor answers, but please remember this is a public forum so lets not get too detailed or perverted with things.
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fiere redfern

Transform into a bird and fly for the sake of flying. And when I got tired of flying, I'd go kitty and run until my feet bled for the novelty of actually being able to run as a cat.

I've found that when I get bored doing dailies, my mind will drift and start narrating Fie as if she were a character in a book. She'll have one mount, whatever flavor of the day that may be, and her forms. Fie will interact more personally with NPCs (emoting at them, mostly), and really -be- "our hero!" And that's just something I do to keep my mind occupied while waiting for the LFD queue to pop or while looking for the latest archaeology dig. <3 RPGs, they make it so easy!

Were I to really find myself in Azeroth, I'd probably do much the same - search out the Druids of the Wild and learn from them, figure out my lot in life, learn how to use a frikken bow >.<, meet new people, and probably spend the majority of my time exploring Azeroth in catform. 'Cause hey, that 30% speed boost ain't nothin' to sneeze at!


I'm with Fi on the flying. I would mount up and fly around for as long as I could hold on. Plus I could pretend it's Falcor and I'm Atreyu, hold my hands up, yell a bit, and enjoy the flight lol. Oh, I would also fly around by the water a lot, I love flying around and trying to make symbols before the ripple fades away.

I would've loved too use eyes of the beast and run around as Dei for a while but since it appears to no longer be a part of Azeroth I will just have to stick to aspecting. I would run around changing aspects all the time to hear the sound effects. Other than that I probably wouldn't get much done. I have a hard time seeing things die in rl so I don't know that I could kill a beast and then run up and skin it. It just would not happen. I basically have no cooking skills which isn't much different than my character so I will be visiting the vendors a lot. Apart from that I would go to the entrance zones and /flex.

As my priest it would be a different story. I would fly up as high as I could right off the bat, drop, and see how long it takes me to figure out how to levitate before I hit the ground. Then I would run around in a Criss Angel disguise levitating for tips.


       Id be a hunted man Id take my skills and sneak around Horde towns pickpocketing


How does one pickpocket when you can't reach the pocket?  ???

After some time playing with forms much as Fie suggested, I'd ride around on my Twilight drake to go visit with all the dragon aspects (that won't eat me on sight) and then settle in for a glorious life of adventure and "saving the world" with all my friends.  :D 

/dance /dance /dance!

p.s. that's what I would do differently from my RL... I'd still be the same guy whose mind lives in the gutter... just with longer hair and pointier ears.
It would be fun to ask Ysera just to see her reaction: "Haven't I seen you before?  I remember, you're the dragon of my Emerald Dreams! *wink*"
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1) Enjoy the fact that I'm not working

2) Go pick some flowers

3) party with guildies (i'll bring the box of wine)


I would wander around jumping off high buildings using slow fall. Blinking to surprise people who are walking ahead of me. Also, I would AB anything that annoyed me. Also, figure out if anyone else EVER fired their wand...
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Premise: I woke up on Azeroth as Lostwander.

Assumption 1: Azeroth is a real place and not a game.
Assumption 2: I have all the skills, abilities, and memories of the deeds Lostwander has done.
Assumption 3: The guild Twilight and members existed in some shape and form.

I would find myself in a confused state in the early hours of the morning. I have a strange headache as my mind adjusts for remember/learning of a second life. I would lie back down till the sun is up. Hopefully by the time the sun is up I have adjusted to my new life. With the sun up and myself in a more coherent mind set . I eat.

On a full stomach, I would mount up and wander towards Stormwind. It would be a leisurely pace. I would fly some, ride some, and even walk a bit for I am in no rush to be anywhere. On the path to Stormwind, I would help those who need help. There would be no task to small or simple I would not do. As I wander, if by chance I came across a cave to explore or a villain to stop. A message would be sent to the guild hall for reinforcements. I would not leave out any of you out of a chance for gold, glory, or loot.

Once in Stormwind I would visit the guild hall. I would carouse with my guildies and swap the last stories of any misadventures. Once I am sober enough to present myself to my superiors at the cathedral, I would. I would complete any task they assigned me. Once my duties are done to my superiors and I am allowed to travel again. Then I would Wander, to simple be Lost in the beauty of the world.


Waking up as Kikka, i'd go get drunk, play some cards with some goblins, and get in to all sorts of trouble that had me fleeing horde cities.  Yeah...sounds about right ^^