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Critical - LinkedIN and eHarmony Passwords Hacked
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:35:43 PM »
Hey everyone, critical security news for those of you who might use eHarmony or LinkedIN.

Yesterday a Russian hacker site released a list of passwords that compromises roughly 60% of all of LinkedIN users. This list shows passwords they were able to desipher though at this moment usernames associated with those passwords has not been made public. You can expect though that the folks behind this hack do have that information and should expect the worst of it in that it may be used for malicious intent later.

If you use LinkedIN or eHarmony, you should change your password IMMIDIATELY! In addition, if you have the same password on other accounts online or otherwise, it is important you change those as well as a precautionary measure.

You can check and see if your password has been compromised here:

I would however strongly urge you to change your password regardless if it shows up on that site as a precaution because what has been publicly posted may not be the entirety of the data that was obtained by hackers.

Please pass this along to friends, family and co-workers you know of that use those sites.

More official confirmation on this from LinkedIN can be found here:

Any further updates to this issue I will post here however email notification will not be made unless you subscribe to this thread.
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