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Guild Real Life Donations
« on: November 17, 2010, 07:36:55 PM »
Ive been asked a lot over the years to open up some sort of donation system to allow those of you who wish to contribute to the costs of things like the web server, its bandwidth, the Vent server, the guild bank account, etc.

I finally sorted out the issues I had with Paypal in opening an account for the guild because I didn't feel it would be proper to donate directly to me personally. Granted the bills come to me, heh, but I just thought it might make people uncomfortable.

That said, *if* you choose to, you can now contribute some loot to the guild's bills. I'm NOT asking for donations, you wont receive any special bonus or award for donating above anyone else (other than my gratitude and appreciation) and its all 100% voluntary on if and how much if you so choose to do this.

This post is simply to make everyone aware you now can do it and how to go about doing it. Thats it, nothing more. Again, I am NOT asking or telling anyone to donate. This is simply there to allow you to do so if you want to do so.

You can find the donate button at the top right of the main website as shown:

Please dont see this as a cause for concern that I can't afford the bills or that any of the things we have come to enjoy online are going away or in danger of being turned off. I've paid for it the last 4+yrs and I plan to continue to do so. This is just another way for all of you to contribute to the things we use regularly that aren't virtual.  ;)
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