25% less DPS?

Started by JohnnieRat, September 30, 2008, 05:17:01 AM

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[blizzard]Paladin / Hybrid DPS in WotLK
Ret should be as close to the top as anyone else. Our buckets at this point are basically DPS, Tanks, Healers. When the tank and healer are doing dps, it's even closer. You may be a couple hundred dps lower than a pure dps class (hunter, mage, warlock, rogue) but for most players, the numbers will be close enough that a raid with a good Retadin and an okay rogue will see Ret on top.

This is a change in philosophy from the BC era, where we would engineer hybrid classes to be 25% to 30% and sometimes much lower than dps classes.

If there are dps differences, it's going to take a very, very skilled guild to be able to accuately decipher them. That is because a boss is not a training dummy. For almost all of us, it's going to be impossible to tell whether the rogue doing 2500 dps and the paladin doing 2300 dps is because of the class or the player. And it is likely to be a different number on the very next boss.

We're trying to hedge out bets and NOT promise that every class will do 2500 dps in all cases, because that just won't happen. There are too many other variables. But you won't be far below other classes... as you often were in BC and Classic WoW.

Again, this is a goal. If a month after we ship someone discovers that the best way to play a mage is to get some obscure combination of trinket, set bonus, enchant and flask that allows them to do 3500 dps at no mana cost, well that's clearly not the kind of thing we expected to see and we'll take steps to adjust it. We have a lot of clever players though, and it's going to take some time before everything has been fully explored.[/blizzard]


If hybrids are supposed to do less DPS, why is cart form better than rogues and bear tanks do the most DPS of all tanks since as far as defining hybrid goes, druids are the most inbred (a catbearowltreesealcrow > manbearpig)


a well geared and well played rogue will beat me in dps in cat form flat out....they mention strongly about a player's ability as a huge dps factor, and I agree...I also analyze all of my gear choices in a spreadsheet and know how to maximize my gear output - if a rogue did the same he would beat me easily...

BUT...your post indicates its a new day....now hybrids may have the inherent ability to be JUST AS GOOD as a single use char from a DESIGN STANDPOINT....that brings a lot of issues IMO...if I can bring a ret pally who can heal AND dps depending on the situation, why bring a fury/arms warrior that can ONLY dps? Why bring a rogue when a cat can (again, based on design level) do just as much dps, plus off-heal or off-tank?

Its the dawn of the hybrid my friend =)


I was mostly just noting how they think hybrids do 25% less DPS in raids. It's not uncommon for an grp 4 with an enh shammy to be 1-4 on the dmg meters and 2 of the folks are hybrids. I just want to know who runs their numbers.
Also, is Blizz saying that benchmark DPS for a level 80 is going to be 2500?


haha...yeah...good point....our "dps super group" is usually a warrior, druid, shaman, pally, and hunter....thats 3/5 hybrids lol


And a Bourne. Never leave home without one.


I would guess the difference in DPS between classes would would be most apparent when everyone is in the best gear for their class.   Blizzard has said that they balance classes around max level, high end gear and fully raid buffed performance.   Below this level of gear, class performance could vary significantly.


So... that means they're basically planning on upping your DPS 25%?



I'm just sad they took away our 20k crit capability lol... but apparently that was OP or something?