hunters leveling to 80 in wotlk.

Started by vakiller, October 25, 2008, 07:00:46 AM

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Hello my fellow hunters. Im back in the game and thinking about the future,so i was wondering..... has anybody put any thought into the spec/pet they are going to level to 80 with ?



My reasons are purely favoritism since thats the spec I used to level to 60 and then 70.

Honestly I think its good for everyone to level as Marks because it teaches you DPS control and other skills like kiting. You have to watch aggro on your pet on mobs because your damage output will surpass your pet and if you push too hard youll pull aggro and be forced to kite/FD.
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I levelled to 70 as mark and so when i start playing again i will probably try it out another time. Can always respec at 80 if bm or sv is the better dps.