To the ground baby!

Started by JohnnieRat, October 26, 2008, 01:08:15 PM

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I guess blizz just couldn't wait for the patch to nerf ret, so they're gonna go ahead and hotfix judgement of the wise and judgement of command today  :tombstone: ret


we druids are going to make an elixir of crit out of your pally tears....


Wow, the pally in Arc's video is terribad and hits like pre BC Ret Pally

And I'll just have to judge Wisdom instead of Light on mobs now to keep my mana from ever moving...


less optimism and more crying JR...these pally tear elixirs are selling like mad on the AH!


I'll still do over 1500 DPS (except those damn mobility fights)... i'm not worried about being replaced