I can break 50% crit

Started by capnpop, November 05, 2008, 01:17:03 AM

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Messing with gear and spec i found myself with 40% holy crit (46% holy light and holy shock crit) which, with a moonkin, will easily send me over 50% with those two spells...

i find this enormously funny...

next stop, 55% (fully buffed i may be there already...)


you go 15 ret for Conviction too?


i have crappy gear on my newly minted 70 as well and pretty high crit...

the one thing i like the least about my pally is the sound affect for a holy shock crit - it sounds like a person is starting up a 2 horsepower lawnmower....

on a side note though, instacast flash of lights after a holy shock crit = win


Group with my mage, Cap, and I'll give you an extra 3%.


JR, 18 in ret...3% more for 3 more talent points = win.  13% before stats and gear even factor in is nice...


Oh yea i forgot about the 3% more right after Conviction.
Do you carry any mp/5 at all?


buffed i get to 120-130-ish mp5...