My new PvP Build

Started by JohnnieRat, January 06, 2009, 06:00:22 PM

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So I was taking a closer look at talents and think I may have found a better option for Ret PvP. Some people are becoming converts but most people aren't deviating away from the cookie cutter 0/18/53 build.
This 0/20/51 build might be money.

Putting 2 pts in [spell=]Divine Guardian[/spell] coupled with [spell=]Hand of Sacrifice[/spell] on your partner will reduce their damage taken by TONS. This would be especially awesome running with a healer against a double DPS team since they dish out huge damage. I see Divine Guardian as almost being required to run a 5's team with a ret. Even further, think of this; if you combo Divine Shield with Sac you have 12 seconds of the healer taking almost no damage, as soon as that runs out (if the other team has melee) you can BoP them too. Thats 22 seconds that the healer can not worry about getting facerolled.
I only put 1 point in [spell=]Righteous Vengeance[/spell] since the DoT doesn't tick hard at all but it is a 12 second DoT which could really mess up a rogues world.
No points in improving Ret aura like a PvE spec would need since I'm usually running a resist aura in arenas.
I chose the full 5 points in [spell=]Toughness[/spell] since the debuff length on movement is huge as Freedom is largely used as a stun breaker now.
Most of the other talents are self explanatory. I thought about taking 1 point in Reckoning over Divine Storm for single target insta gib potential but that seemed too RNG for me.

Any other arena'rs see pallies look like this, if so how succesful do they seem?

Note: This spec sucks sucks sucks for PvE... don't show to progression raids with it lol.