T8 ret gear stats

Started by Haderach, March 19, 2009, 09:30:53 AM

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2 pieces still have haste on them

at least the chest and legs have hit on them this time, instead of haste, but they put haste on the shoulders, and the gloves get expertise.


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Expertise is pretty good. Hit is good if you're under cap. Haste is good for autoswings. AoW still resets the swing timer based on what I've read, so haste also means you don't take as big a hit when you have to use an AoW heal since the swing time isn't as long.

My big issue is the dress... we're plate armor wearers da** it. Don't give me any of this robe or dress crap.


dont forget too that haste is getting a 30% buff in the next patch, so while it isnt the "AMG" stat, its not as insignificant anymore...armor pen is also getting a huge buff as well...

dont even get me started about wearing skirts darq...that midriff though on the female pally model is just hilarous lol


at least the set bonuses are money.... 10% more on exorcism combined with the 20% bonus from glyph...


I guess it could be worse.. we could be wearing a skirt and a L on our foreheads.. oh wait, that's a moon... or is it?

And um when is an exposed, fit female midriff ever a bad thing, Arc? :D