Retting 3.1

Started by JohnnieRat, April 20, 2009, 07:50:56 PM

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With the abundance of changes involved with 3.1 for Ret, I decided to do some research so naturally I went to the ElitistJerks website.
Readers Digest version: Throw out your old DPS rotation of Judge > Hammer of Wrath (when possible) > CS > DS > Consecrate> fit in Exorcisms and Holy Wrath when possible

The new model is a First Come First Serve basis but based on priority. Since the mechanics of Seals and Judgements changed (Judge hits softer but Seal hits harder --> Net DPS is roughly the same but less bursty), talents were added to increase CS and Exorcism and Exo is usable against anything now... things changed.
New Priority is: Hammer of Wrath > Crus Strike  > Judge > Divine Storm >  Exo > Cons > Holy Wrath Judgement and Divine Storm are interchangable as far as damage is concerned but Judge being so important for mana regen and the CDs just sync up better.

Other things to consider. For pure DPS: GET THE EXORCISM GLYPH. It's a key DPS move now and 20% more just rocks. Also for gearing, since a larger % of damage will come from Seal of Blood hits, avoiding dodges (and parries if you don't understand how to hit a mob in the back) is crucial so expertise is more paramount.

For more reading see:
A new mod that I've been looking at getting is a rotation helper where you set the priority of your attacks and based off CD's, tells you what to hit next. this shouldn't be necessary though once you get a rotation down: