Protribution PvP Spec

Started by JohnnieRat, December 03, 2009, 07:51:24 AM

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So I was thinking about trying out a nifty little prot/ret spec for PvP. All the gear is DPS except obviously the shield (Yes, using a melee DPS 1hander).

The Spec looks something like

It looks like a fun change of pace for speccing that has seen some sweet results and would also allow me some utility for tanking every once in while if I get a wild hair.

Anyone seen this used or used it themselves?


I've been using that pvp spec for the last week, and I can say it IS a very fun change of pace. You pretty much trade your burst damage for survivability. The silence from [spell=]Avengers Shield[/spell] is priceless. Get the [spell=]Glyph of Avengers Shield[/spell] I have had mine crit for ~8k. I have had issues with warlocks and frost mages in the past, but silencing them and getting up in their sh** really helps.

I am using [item]Tempered Vis'kag the Bloodletter[/item] as my weapon with [spell=]zerking[/spell] on it with [item]Titanium Plating[/item] on my shield. Other than that, its straight ret gear.

If you are looking for something different, I would at least check it out.

Besides the [spell=]Glyph of Avengers Shield[/spell], all other ret pvp glyphs apply. If you are looking to do more CC, than don't get it. It's fun to run into a Flag Room in WSG, silence the carrier, healer, and whatever else is in range, pop wings, and go to town. You still do quite a bit of damage with the right weapon and are even harder to take down.

I've actually been considering getting a whole new pvp ret set and gemming/enchanting pure stam. 800 res + 40k hp = unstoppable.  

Edit: Judge [spell=]Wisdom[/spell] and [spell=]seal[/spell] wisdom as you will oom fast if you dont.


I'll have to play around with it ALOT with seals and judges and such. Seems like regen should be simple with Divine Plea being basically always up.

If I'm looking to CC.... I just wouldn't play pally lol


Ummmm... this is geos's tank spec! NINJA!


And your ret spec is identical to mine :]