Happy Canada Day and 4th of July

Started by Shadowwolf, June 30, 2011, 10:50:27 PM

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Have a happy Canada Day and 4th of July everybody. You'll notice I even included our northern neighbors in the holiday logo, hehe. Glory, you had your Australia Day back in Jan, but you can celebrate too. =)

Don't blow your fingers off if you're gonna mess with fireworks, you need em to push keys, haha. Also, not to be the "parent" figure, but if you're gonna party hard, dont drive drunk/high. Lost too many friends and family over the years to that and its not fun =*(. We want to see everyone back come end of our week off  :D

Finally, congrats on Nef tonight everybody! Nerfs or not, its still a rough fight, hehe.
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Have a great weekend yourself Shadow. 

fiere redfern

Way congrats, and Happy Cana-Fourth-Day!