comp locking up, need help

Started by daren, September 30, 2007, 12:13:24 PM

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hello, im know iv not been accepted into your guild, but im in need of some help.
i upgraded my pc and now everytime i load wow or even when im typing in my password my pc lockes up and i have to press the power button. iv tried all the troubleshooting on the wow forums and nothing fixes the problem, iv even reinstalled wow and windows like 3 times and still same problem.
im going crazy trying tp fix this, been doing nothing all weekend but fix my pc. any help would be very appreaciated.


Daren Berry


Quotei upgraded my pc...

I would start looking at what you upgraded.  Check to be sure you installed it correctly (many issues can be traced back to incorrect seating of the pins or they aren't fully inserted into its socket).  Even go so far as to put the old stuff back in.  If the old stuff works and the new stuff doesn't, return the new stuff as defective.

Otherwise you're going to have to contact Blizzard support as there are too many factors to help you diagnose anything via this board.
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thanks, ill try to reconnect everything, if that doesen't work im taking it all back, i hate

thanks again

Daren Berry


P.S. youve actually been accepted, we've just been busy and havent gotten you an invite yet =P
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 8) sweet, thanks, been looking for a good guild since i started playing this game.


I had some issues that sound just like that.  Is this a brand new computer or a home built? 

I pulled everything apart, cleaned all the contacts (turns out my graphics card was a bit dirty) and I bought a larger power supply.  Lock-ups are a regular result of an underpowered or faulty power supply unit.  With any serious hardware in you comp, you should be running at least 400W.


im using the power supply that came with the case, im running 1 gig ram(kingston 800) MSI P35 NEO, 512 pci express video card, and 2.40 gig core 2 quad, maybe tomorrow ill get a new power supply, any idea what to get?


I'm a big fan of Thermaltake, Antec and Corsair among others.  People usually only look at the max power output, ie. how many watts.  More important is the consistency at which it provides that power.  Those cheaper PSU's that come with a case usually can't provide good consistent power, especially when you start cranking with a dual core processor and a beefy graphics card.  Unfortunately you usually get what you pay for with a power supply so pony up the big bucks. 


ok i just fixed the problem (stupid me) when i upgraded my pc i took the water cooling out and forgot to put the video card fan back on, so i stuck my room fan next to my pc and iv been running wow for 45 mins now with no problems, oh and my power supply is an i cute 400w.

on my warrior now :)


Sweet glad to hear you got it fixed now we can run stuff with ya, looking forward to it.