Want to talk MOBA's (Not steam)

Started by Raif, April 07, 2013, 08:55:07 AM

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multiplayer online battle arena
Or DOTA style

Im starting/trying to get into these.

Im playing smite, and i Downloaded and went through the tutorial on League of Legends

Does anyone else play any?



I dont play these, i have DOTA2 but I think I got it as a gift and have yet to even load it up.
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Its interesting to me.

Its like doing pvp, but at the start everyone is on equal footings you bring no gear in with you, just your skill as a player.


That was from me, Shadow. I have a few more invites for DOTA 2 if anyone wants em.

I played DOTA 2 for about a month or so. No real plans to play any of the others.

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heroesofnewerth.com may be of interest to you.  Same people that made Savage.


Thats my link to join smite if anyone is interested.

Never tried DOTA, you still on there air?

The thing i miss is the guild chat, all the friends, its not the same on other games. But WoW just doesnt capture me as it once did.


I see blizz is throwing their hat in the ring with 
heroes of the storm

A MOBA encompassing all of their franchises. 
Signing up for beta........NOW