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Started by Raif, March 02, 2014, 06:35:35 PM

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Giving the option to gain one toon up to 90 is debatable in my opinion. On one hand, as someone who had been away for a while it may be nice to jump right into it.
But it does diminish the HOURS and house I put into the game.

But to offer unlimited boosters for $60 a pop, geeze.
For the low low price of (not enough claws to count on my bear paws) $60 x 8 (8toons?) For $480 you too can basically buy your way to the top



Well you can buy your way to the top at the moment, but 90 will be 10 levels from the top come the next expansion so its basically going to allow you to buy your way to MoP. It also doesnt give gear as far as Im aware, so that doesnt diminish it too badly.

It isnt going to do anything for helping people to learn the class anymore but then the game has become so neutered and homogenized that the game itself doesnt really teach people their class on the way up anyhow. With XP being given out like candy till around lvl 85, honestly I dont see this as that much of a "OH HELL NO!" moment.

If they make it so you can buy to 100 immediately at the release of WoD or even merely a few months after, yes...I would be pissed off about it.

Truthfully its not all that surprising to see considering everything Activision is touching these days is being turned into some monetizing system so this doesnt come as a shock.

I think it has its merits. People who've been away a while have the option of paying a fee to be able to almost jump right in and play with their friends again at least right now.

I do think it detracts from the game in the long term but there are SO many other things that do that, and SO many things that have been done to WoW for profit that have detracted from the original concept and allure of the game that this is just the latest one of many and likely not the last. Whats the point of having levels and the whole leveling process when the company sees fit to sell off maxing levels out (maxing atm) for a price? Kind of defeats the whole objective and spirit of these kids of games when you can just buy a bypass.
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I am planning to use the boost feature for a horde toon.  Having all alliance toons I dread the thought of leveling up a horde.   I might miss a little story but not enough for me to overcome the dread associated with leveling up from the start.  Plus it's kinda lonely leveling up as I found recently with my panda toon.

What i understand from the information blizzard shared, is boosted toons will get a basic set of level appropriate gear which will replace any existing gear.  existing gear is supposedly mailed to you if it was equipped.  for players without existing level 90 toons, boosted toons will have a limited set of abilities with new ones unlocking through a short introduction.  for players with existing level 90 toons, it's onward and upward straight away.  likely this will change dozens of times before release anyway so take it with a big grain of salt.

As to learning how to play a class or spec, I like the direction Blizzard is taking with proving grounds.  This is long overdue and hopefully leads to a successful feature.  Is it going to be perfect? No but seeing the effort to address this problem is encouraging.  As I noted leveling up recently was very lonely, would go hours and hours across multiple zones without seeing another player.  The leveling experience today is radically different from the release of the game or even the first couple of years so something like proving grounds is needed to help new players learn abilities, roles,  specs and classes.   While proving grounds are currently just max level, should be possible to use similar technology for new players to run low level dungeons or group quests while learning to play the game.