Newb Stories and Newb Levels

Started by Iliessa, December 06, 2008, 12:44:01 AM

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Just yesterday I figured out that on this forum, instead of going to the main website and looking at the top of the screen for the most recent posts, I could just click the "show unread posts since your last visit" and see ALL the posts I'd missed, instead of the 8 most recent ones.

fiere redfern

Two days ago:

Tanking reg UK on my DK (har) in a random pug group - couldn't for the life of me figure out why I couldn't hold aggro off a hunter who was doing only 100 dps more than I was. To add insult to injury, these weren't even the off-tank mobs - they were the ones I had marked and was currently hacking away at. Frustrated, I logged and took a nap since I'd only had three hours of sleep the night before.

Woke up later on and logged onto my DK to discover something kind of important - I'd been tanking the entire instance in blood presence.



its alright...rock dps's in frost presence all the time and its pretty bad too lol


On our first Thaddius25 kill...I forgot to re-equip my staff and did that fight with about 2500 ap and 1.50% crit less... :-[


I just realized after 65 levels on my warrior that you can use Intercept out of combat if you have the rage for it. I had figured it was an in-combat ability only.


If I only had a nickle for the number of times i've gone into an instance with my fishing pole equiped.

I'd be rich.
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it wasn't until level 70 that I realized I could use shadowmeld in combat, I assumed it's only use was so I could go bio while I was questing! 


it was Leafs, they changed it in a patch :)


I done so many noob things on my mage and i know others have done them also, was in a kara pug one night and we did a clear and group asked for a port me already sleepy from the lack of, teleported myself instead of opening a portal, and they got pissed and kicked me. and then when i was a lowbie bout 20ish i had a group ask me to sheep the target and i told em i didnt do that cause it gives the target health back so i didnt and then they explain and i was like ahh, so later on we was fighting a mob in sfk and got the mob to like 20% and then i sheeped him cause i though at this point they couldnt hurt us and it healed him all the way really fast and then had a group ask me for food and i didnt know i could even make it til like lv 58.


lol Hugh, i've done that port thing to some of our guildies as well....I swear they look the same!!! :D


Ok so i have had my share of Noobish moments, but where do i begin...I guess I can start with this one...I was on my warrior and doing a quest from SW to EPL, where you have to kill the "traitor"...there was a BE Pally and a BE Mage standing next to the guy i was supposed to kill...the quest told me "raid" quest, but i didnt think anything of it...i walk up and attack the guy i was supposed to...not only does he summon adds, but he was flagged for being a Horde NPC, so i flag, and get dropped in about 2.5 seconds, the whole while getting laughed at by the Blood elves lol


Ok, so being an old beta player  8), mine's from way way back when...

My first day I'm in the beta, I roll up a NE druid cause I mean seriously, what's cooler than being a bear or a cat, right? Well, I'm wandering around Teldrassil, hunting those weak green spiders over by Starbreeze Village, and I didn't realize you could slip down the branches that hang out there if you aren't careful... Well, I wasn't.

I spent about 20 mins trying to figure out how to hop down the tree to get to where my corpse landed... What's a spirit healer?

Oh, and more recently... we're in OS 25, I'm noticing I'm having a hell of a time not pulling aggro from Arc.. I'm taking a ton of dmg, and not quite sure what's going on.. Then I get this tell from Arc.. um, are you in frost presence?... Sure 'nuff.  :'(


It's been a while since I pugged a group. Today I was on my hunter and decided to try BRD. The group sat at the stone a dueld for 30 minutes before we started. I can tolerate some stuff, but this really took the cake for me. The tank would go afk, then res the druid healer that was tanking in his place. After 3 or so deaths, he came back, and the following took place. Wookyman is the tank.

[06:55] [P] [55:Daszul]: ill give you 5 g if you can hold aggro
[06:55] [P] [59:Wookyman]: ok lol
[06:55] [P] [55:Drewuh]: me?
[06:55] [P] [55:Daszul]: anyone
[06:55] [P] [55:Drewuh]: naw 5g is nothn
[06:55] [P] [59:Wookyman]: i can do that
[06:56] [G] [80:Brymahr]: brd not goin so well?
[06:56] [P] [55:Drewuh]: dks get money fast
[06:56] Your target is dead
[06:56] You have no target.
[06:56] [G] [55:Daszul]: not really
[06:56] [P] [55:Drewuh]: hwlp help
[06:56] [P] [55:Drewuh]: aww
[06:56] You have no target.
[06:56] Spell is not ready yet.
[06:56] You have no target.
[06:56] Spell is not ready yet.
[06:56] Your share of the loot is 1 Silver, 7 Copper.
[06:56] Your target is dead
[06:56] There is nothing to attack.
[06:56] You have no target.
[06:56] There is nothing to attack.
[06:56] [P] [59:Wookyman]: yay i did it
[06:56] Your share of the loot is 4 Silver, 64 Copper.
[06:56] Sneekyrogue receives loot: [Relic Coffer Key].
[06:56] You receive loot: [Elemental Fire].
[06:56] You receive loot: [Dark Iron Residue]x8.
[06:56] Your share of the loot is 2 Silver, 79 Copper.
[06:56] You have requested to trade with Wookyman.
[06:57] Catsz receives loot: [Relic Coffer Key].
[06:57] Trade complete.
[06:57] [P] [55:Daszul]: now do it again for free
[06:57] You receive loot: [Dark Iron Scraps]x4.
[06:57] You receive loot: [Runecloth]x4.
[06:57] [P] [58:Catsz]: lol
[06:57] [P] [59:Wookyman]: sry guys i gtg

I actually paid this guy cause he did what I asked. We were standing in front of the final boss, and he left the group. Love it!


-At one point, I took a rogue's advice on DPS and gemmed for hit.  Not good
-Learned that about 2 weeks ago you can click on the ready check button in the raid window
-I actually thought spamming piercing howl in defensive stat would of kept me on top of threat =/
It's kind of funny how much you learn along the way, maybe that's why I tend to be very nice to newer/less experienced players.

*I am not concerned with the details.*

fiere redfern

Here's a remembered one from my days leveling Fireheart:

I was 40-something and running Sunken Temple with a decent group of players. Up until this point I had never had need to use my soulstone, so when the healer asked for it, I was excited. "Don't worry," I said, "I've got the stone all set." Mind you, the stone was still in my bags. If the healer were to die, I thought the stone would be used like one would use the Gnomish Jumper Cables - apply to the person while they are dead, and POOF! One living person, coming up. Needless to say, the healer eventually did die, and I targetted the player, all excited (I get that way when using a new ability, it has nothing to do with the fact that they were dead, I swear), clicked the stone, and then... "Invalid target".

Boy was I embarrassed. Popped the stone on the healer after they ran back and didn't say another word the entire run.