Funny and Strange experiences and encounters within WoW

Started by Shadowwolf, December 31, 2008, 11:46:16 PM

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Im curious to see what kind of weird and or funny experiences some have had within WoW. This is to go along with the "newb" thread someone started earlier. This is for those things that just seemed funny or odd that werent exactly a "newbish" thing to occur on your part.
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Getting fatigue while I was on the boat to...Ratchet I believe  :-X

Being on the top of the Zeppelin going from Borean to Durotar...and getting left behind-in mid air.

During the zombie event, watching how the flight path master must have gotten attacks and seeing him quite literally covered in gryphon and wyvern guardians.

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I've been left behind by zeppelins before on my horde warlock on the way to UC - apparently the goblins liked my imp more than me, as he stayed on =(

Falling through the world in BGs is uber-fun, especially when your hearth's on CD and you /afk because the game just started /facepalm

Occasionally I'll see animals/bots where they don't belong, like a Moongraze Buck inside the Exodar, a Scryer bot on the elevator (added level of protection for the scrybabies?), or Elekks standing in the side of a cliff >.>

Getting 1337 honor is always fun ^^

My ally warlock is now bugged - if she leaves a BG while mounted, rendering in the city causes whatever pet was with her in the BG to be out and about while she's mounted  :D


In dragonblight if I remember I took a FP to go to Grizzly Hills for a quest and they didnt dismiss my pet. So Kovy was flying under the bird.

My bear mount is bugged...


lol!  I've noticed a lot of the bear mounts will do that, mine has done that in Dalaran too hehe!

I was doing the bomb them again quest in BEM and I was flying without a flying mount lol... the server was lagging pretty bad and blizz ended up doing a restart on our realm... but yeah was pretty funny!


I got attacked by a Southshore guard on my priest (Level 26 UD spriest at the time, Spirestone server) while in the UC.  This was four years ago, I think.


On my shaman, i was making the old death run through wetlands, and on the boat from Darkshore to MH, I ended up DCing, coming back and being able to see the Maelstrom...weird as hell...kept falling, dying, falling, dying...made me mad when i had all red gear though -.- anyways, thats my weird others, but that is def the weirdest *bug* i have encountered.

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Found this amusing - last night because of lag silliness, the ghost of Gren said good night after he'd already logged off, heh.


Only in WOW will you find a bear riding a motorcycle...


I've had some fun ones.


Some others I found:

1. Back from the days of TK
2. <3 Critter Bites
3. Talbuk climbing a tree
4. Ghost wolf + spirit wolves + [item]Don Carlos' Famous Hat[/item]


Here's the level 80 rogue I saw who went afk among some level 40 whelps. Unfortunately he came back with about 2k hp left and killed them :(


So in dal the other day tab out to change cds on itunes tab back and get a futuristic Dalaran on acid.


here are a few of mine that i have left please dont lol at my ui i already know its a huge mess that one day ill get around to fixing

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