Happy 4th Birthday to Twilight

Started by Shadowwolf, March 11, 2010, 04:56:18 PM

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Congrats on another year of life as a guild in WoW and on Alex. The oldest surviving Alliance guild on Alexstrasza and still going strong!
Come to the darkside, we have cookies.
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YAY!  Happy Birthday Twìlíght!!   :carlton_draught:


Happy Birthday Twilight!  :Fosters_Pack: & to more years to come! :Shamrock:
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Yay for everyone! Especially the unsung heros of the officers and shadow.
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I'm pulling for you, we're all in this together.

fiere redfern

Woohoo! Here's to Twilight and its members for making this a fantastic place to hang out and have fun :)  :Fosters_Pack:  :Shamrock:


Happy Birthday Twilight. I miss you guys.

Keep up the good work

And whatever you do keep the leadership you have they do a fantastic job. :carlton_draught:


You know, it always amazes me how much negative press surrounds the WOW community. It seems like forums contain endless rants against how terrible the game is because of it.

And my reaction is always like "huh? That person must have never played with a guildmate of mine."

This guild makes the game for me. You all are great. Absolutely great. I've played a lot of MMOs, and never, in any one of them, have I met a group of people as invested in enjoying the game together as this guild.


Happy belated Birthday Twilight!!!!
Been a great 4 years and our guild has grown on me like a second home (yes it does suck when you can't spend time in your second home:()
Thank you all for being apart of it and thanks for keeping the guild going after 4 years!!
Miss you guys a lot and can't wait to talk to you guys again!

fiere redfern

Tolwen! WTB my chicken-buddy back, nao!


happy birthday twilight! i miss yall bunches. and hope to see yall again oneday


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